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  • Andrew Porter

    So many photos I have to post now…

    Here’s 1 Pierrepont Place in 1885:

  • Andrew Porter

    And here’s its back garden back then, before the Promenade and BQE:

  • Andrew Porter

    The Center for Brooklyn History, formerly the Brooklyn Historic Society, is to reopen on the 14th. Brownstoner has the details:

    Here’s a photo of the building in 1940, from the old BHS website:

  • Knight

    It looks like Bjarke Ingels is finally starting construction at the St. George Tower. Any insight on a completion date?

  • Andrew Porter

    Not sure the sidewalk shed around the building is due to his construction. There’s a platform up the side of the building on the Pineapple Street side of the building to the setback surface, and it looks like they’re just doing repointing.


    can somebody fix the noisy manhole/cover in front of 144 henry st? It dislodged during the night 9/14 and is a source of noise pollution.

  • Mr. Manhole

    One thing the city does well is to fix that issue. Call 311. I’ve always had amazing results — no joke.

  • Banet

    The Little Free Library at the corner of Hicks and Grace Court Alley is sadly all but empty.

    Take a moment this weekend to grab a few books you’d like to pass on and set them free!

  • T.K. Small

    There are a few spots around the neighborhood that I like to just sit and do some work on my phone, read a book, listen to a podcast or make lengthy phone calls. One of my favorite spots is near the federal court building.

    Of late, near the federal court, there has been a guy who seems “emotionally disturbed”. Basically he has been yelling and screaming into thin air, as if he is having a heated argument with someone. Typically, he hangs out in that walkway between the new Astroturf field and the entrance to the court. Has anyone else noticed him? Clearly, he needs help, but I do not want to make a bad situation worse with potentially overzealous interventions. Thoughts?

  • Cadman Poop Preventer

    Go! Cadman park’s enforcement:

    Boo! dog owners that are upset and yelling at park officers doing their job and enforcing the rules.

  • Marco Caffuzzi

    I am looking to dispose of a lot of books – a mixed collection of fiction, non-fiction, hard and soft cover, a fair number of reprints of classics for students. Anyone know of a resource for taking them?

  • Andrew Porter

    Housing Works Thrift Store on Montague Street. Older nonfiction, esp. travel books, computer manuals, should go into paper recycling. The BPL no longer accepts books, having been burned by donated books with bedbugs in them.

    There’s also the thrift store run by Plymouth Church. Here’s their website:

  • Cadaman Poop Preventer

    Well, not sure they needed to arrest the person. Seems like a warning would have sufficed for at an interim period. This seems to be a bit overzealous, and this is coming from someone who is definitely on the side of keeping the dogs off of the turf and leashed.

  • Jorale-man

    I wonder if one of the federal court officers that are around there have dealt with this already? The city must have a social services hotline or website to contact but my sense is they don’t intervene if the person isn’t deemed a risk to the public. An unfortunate byproduct of our country’s limited social safety net.

  • Effective Presenter

    We donated a ton of books to the Monmouth County, New Jersey Department of Social Services.

    The books had been part of the collection of a prominent psychologist. Many of the books had been “self help” and “self improvement” type books.

    The DSS accepted the books to combat the VERY LONG waiting time that social services recipients must endure at the DSS.

    We suggest that you find an operation here in NYC like DSS to donate your books.