Pan Am Shoots in Brooklyn Heights Thursday

The new ABC drama Pan Am, which has been shooting in the area (sometimes LITERALLY), will be filming on Schermerhorn Street between Court and Clinton tomorrow. One BHB reader points out that signs alerting residents about the shoot went up today. Folks have until 6AM Thursday morning to move their cars or risk being towed.

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  • norrth heights res

    As we saw with the Elle Columbia Heights shoot, if the signs don’t go up 48 hours in advance, you don’t have to move your car. Might take some time & tenacity, but call the production manager, call the Mayor’s Office for TV, Movies, whatever, but if the signs went up tonight, there is no way you need to move your car by 6 am.

    Purely on principal, I will never watch Pan Am. Its utter lack of consideration for BH, Cobble Hill, Carroll Garden is a total dealbreaker.

  • Teddy

    They’ve been filming like crazy in the area.

  • Master Of Middagh

    A crummy sexist program that can’t be canceled too quickly for my taste.

  • Peter

    I love all the bitterness on this board. A constant source of amusement!

  • chicagokath314

    @ Peter: Agreed! I love this blog almost as much as I love the Heights. But the comments add that soupcon of drama.

  • GHB


  • David on Middagh

    GHB is not déclassé.

  • Arch Stanton

    Parking in NYC, C’est la vie.

  • Fritz

    Don’t they tow you to a better spot – good to another day – than the one you have got?

  • tonka

    these film crews just completely suck.

  • bklyn20

    Parking in the hood, c’est la guerre!

  • Jim

    i, too, sometimes turn to this blog just to derive amusement from all the grumblings…

  • tow

    The cool thing about them towing cars is that I won’t have to hear the complaints about parking because you won’t have a car!

  • Quinn Raymond

    I’m not actually sure why anyone (besides the disabled or elderly) actually needs a car in our transit-rich neighborhood.

    Nevertheless it is galling to see film crews ignore the rules on this and unreasonably expect people to move their cars on such fast notice.

  • Teresa

    Quinn, I don’t need a car to get around NYC, but work takes me to Long Island every Saturday and out of town on a regular basis, including all summer, to places that aren’t quite as transit-rich. It would be impossibly expensive to rent a car all the times that I need one to be outside the five boroughs.

  • Anon

    Someone did something somewhere in my neighborhood that affected me in the following negative ways!

  • David on Middagh


    Sexism has found its loophole in “period” dramas. Though “House” doesn’t seem to need an excuse.

    I’m going to give the show a shot, then probably not be hooked.

    – DoM

  • Quinn Raymond

    Teresa, you are an outlying example as you need one specifically for your work.

  • tow

    this is new york city. you are lying to yourselves if you think parking will ever be easy or easier…but the subway is a cool invention and if you move to dayton ohio you will find plenty of parking and free up some spaces…this is silly and the blog should stop reporting on this stuff. it’s not news or exciting.

  • Quinn Raymond

    The issue is less about the travails of parking and more about film crews treating the neighborhood decently when they shoot here.

    Again, I am no fan of car culture– but you can’t tell someone you’re going to tow their car at 6 AM the next morning so you can shoot without some prior notice.

  • tow

    Quinn…what you write is true…but…here’s the real deal, yes, they can and do tell you you can’t park somewhere. There is a photo above to prove it. Yes, no one owns the street, including us all with cars and Yes, parking will never ever ever be good here so why so many articles about it? It’s not news, or interesting. Parking here is bad, move on. who cares. Reality…parking bad.