Hanco’s Coming to Mr. Souvlaki Space on Montague Street

Several BHBers have commented that a sign has been posted in the old Mr. Souvlaki space at 147 Montague Street announcing that Vietnamese sandwich shop Hanco’s will be opening a branch there.

The mini-chain was part of a controversy last year after one of its former employees left to open the mysteriously similar Henry’s a few blocks from Hanco’s flagship store in Park Slope.

Previously, the space had been set to be a dentist’s office.


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  • Soulman

    Heights Falafel used to be called Habibi’s. We still call it that too. They’re good, but inconsistent. Like several local food places (eg: Park Plaza and Teresa’s) check that you got what you ordered – they frequently, in our experience, seem to be leaving things out of the order.

  • Joe

    Hoping the community will support Hanco’s. We had a pretty decent Vietnamese restaurant called Kim Paris on corner of Montague & Henry which closed a couple years ago. We went there twice a week for their large bowel of Pho but often we were the only ones there. Never understood the lackluster patronage since price was cheap, abt $8 for Pho and friendly service. Last time I went to Hanco’s they only served banh mi, bubble tea and spring rolls. Wonder if they’ll add Pho.

  • Matthew Parker

    @Joe: Doubt it, since the Hanco locations in Boerum Hill and Park Slope don’t serve Pho. So Joe, no Pho to go. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • Sue

    My friend lives near Hanco’s at park slope and she said Hanco’s started selling pho few months ago. Lets hope they will serve pho for this location.

  • miles

    Has it opened yet? I’m hungry…and too lazy to walk over Bergen Street (or Nicky’s on Atlantic).

  • Sue

    There is a sign on the window. Hanco’s grand opening is this Sunday.