Dentist a No Go for Mr. Souvlaki Space

It’s official – Vitadent has backed out of its plan to move into 147 Montague Street according to the Brooklyn Eagle.  The site of the old Mr. Souvlaki restaurant and office space above it are once again available for rent.  (Wethinks it would make a great combo of a *new* Magnetic Field/Brooklyn Bugle office.  If we only had a ‘benefactor”.)

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  • Claude Scales

    Just for old times’ sake, could we serve souvlaki, too?

  • Andrew Porter

    The dentist office on Pineapple Walk in the old Cadman Travel space is coming along rapidly. Don’t know when the opening date is, but the interior is mostly finished.

  • my2cents

    so glad that vitadent isn’t going in there. also i noticed the att store on cadman plaza is gone too.

  • yo

    maybe the downturn could do some good by getting big chains out of a less than profitable space, in turn leading to lower rents and return of small business?

    too optimistic?

  • GHB

    Yo, that would be nice. But I give that about the same odds as subway fares reverting back to (the current) $2 when this economic crisis ends.

  • ABC

    I think the AT&T moved their operation over to Montague. Think it’s the same people.

    I wonder how much this space is? Anyone call?

  • Claude Scales

    Wasn’t “Dentist a No Go” a hit for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles around 1967?