Plymouth Church Flips on Curb Cut, “Being a Good Neighbor is Important”

After BHB’s post yesterday about the Plymouth Church’s freshly painted curb cut on Cranberry Street, we received this dispatch from Ann Geismar, their director of communications:

In response to your July 28 posting about Plymouth Church, “Cranberry Curb Cut.”

To our knowledge, no one at the Plymouth Church office has been contacted with a complaint, or asked to comment on your postings, but we are eager to respond to the neighborhood’s concerns.

Two weeks ago, Plymouth updated the signage and marking of an existing parking and loading area on our Cranberry Street property to provide space for our facilities manager. The church moved forward believing that this was a legal parking spot according to city codes, with a proper curb cut. Plymouth has used this space in the past for parking, although in recent years its use has been limited to loading and contractor parking.

In response to local concerns, the church’s contractor for building construction is researching city records and will pursue the proper permits, as needed. In the meantime, we’re eager to do the right thing until the status of parking approval is resolved. The “No Parking” signs and cones have been removed, the yellow curb paint will soon be covered, and the church will limit any parking to loading and contractors.

Being a good neighbor is important to Plymouth. If you have concerns, please contact the office and ask to speak to the Church Administrator or a member of the leadership council.

Note: We contacted Plymouth via their info email address this week.

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  • ABC

    I love that first sentence.

    I love you, Plymouth!

  • JAFO

    I’ve lived here for 15 years and have always believed that it was driveway. The thing that bothered me is the newly painted yellow zone is much too wide.

  • Andrew Porter

    That hasn’t stopped the people at the NW corner of Pineapple and Hicks (yellow brick apt bldg). There is often a car jammed into the space between that building and the carriage house next door, with yellow paint on curb, no parking signs, etc. They’ve been getting away with this for years.