Hanco’s Coming to Mr. Souvlaki Space on Montague Street

Several BHBers have commented that a sign has been posted in the old Mr. Souvlaki space at 147 Montague Street announcing that Vietnamese sandwich shop Hanco’s will be opening a branch there.

The mini-chain was part of a controversy last year after one of its former employees left to open the mysteriously similar Henry’s a few blocks from Hanco’s flagship store in Park Slope.

Previously, the space had been set to be a dentist’s office.


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  • Matthew Parker

    Yes! My prayers have finally been answered! Bahn Mi in da hood.

  • Hicks on hicks

    Hanco is tasty and affordable. This is a great addition to the BH dining scene.

  • C.


  • http://paid2writeonline.blogspot.com/ MM

    So excited there will finally be bahn mi in Brooklyn Heights!

  • bhts

    thank god. maybe the food gods are smiling on the heights and this is just the beginning. cmon, people have cash to spend in the hood and most food sucks.

  • Sue

    Yes, this is great news. BH is missing good food! I am kind of surprised Hanco is coming to BH due to the high rent on Montague.

  • MOT

    Hallelujah! Love Hanko!

  • Knight

    Do they make a good gyro? I still miss Mr. Souvlaki!

  • gc

    This is great! Now how about a real Chinese restaurant to replace Fortune House?

  • JR

    i agree this is great & hopefully the food gods are improving our destiny!

  • DrewB

    OH YEAH! Great addition to the neighborhood!

    The comments on this blog are so funny. I think if they did a story about how it was raining 100 dollar bills in the Heights someone would come on here and complain about the litter falling from the sky.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I hope the new people will serve Gryo Sandwiches too.

  • malanga es malanga

    Robert, don’t be fooled by the unimposing facade of 147. The space is much, much larger than it looks from the street, and extends into 145 as well. There is enough space there on the ground floor.

    Unless, of course, you want a massage upstairs.

  • Renee

    This is fabulous news. I’m ecstatic. I can’t imagine better news, actually. I’m going to have Banh Mi and bubble tea every single day until i get sick. And I can’t wait.

  • eg

    You can get good souvlaki from Habibi on Henry St. near the movie theatre. All his stuff is very good – not a large choice but I don’t get tired of the same food , if I like it

  • Mickey

    eg: I went looking for Habibi at dinner time … couldn’t find it! Looked all over near the theater. All I could find was Siggy’s & Heights Falafel. Where is this place?

  • Michael

    What is Vietnamese sandwiches? Are they good? What is in them?

  • Andrew Porter

    They’re working inside Fortune House, cleaning, painting, sprucing up. Workman told me that new owners have taken the place over and it will be another Chinese restaurant. Hope they’re aware that the area is Landmarked, and you can’t do anything outside without permits. Speaking of which, no permits at all posted there.

  • Eddyenergizer

    They don’t need permits if they are just painting & cleaning, only if they make changes to the plumbing, electrical or structure.

  • EHinBH

    So the whole thing about a legal battle was incorrect? Fortune House just went under and someone else took over?

  • Elmer Fudd

    My old landlord sold the same building to himself 7-times in one day, and changed the name of his management company 7-times. He’d tell the illegal contractors working for him to get the money from the other guy. Eventually the contractors would just give up. Who were they going to complaint too? Could Fortune House be making a new fortune off the same game? Only the fortune cookie knows.

  • Eddyenergizer

    It is a common tactic for a small business to “close” when facing a major lawsuit. In reality all they do is transfer the ownership to another family member. Even if the plaintiffs win the case it becomes very difficult for them to collect any money.

  • David on Middagh

    The things you learn on this blog…

  • Josh G

    Wait.. are we sure Hanco is not a dry cleaner or a nail salon??

    Looking forward to trying this – hope they have bubble tea and good pho

  • AEB

    So, Eddy, it would be likely–or possible–that Fortune House is doing the very thing you speak even as I type this.

    But would that necessitate renovation, which FH seems to be…well, claiming, at least–and indeed, the interior is in the process of being removed….

  • Elmer Fudd

    AEB. It would be a good ploy. If you are different, you should at least look different to help pull it off. If the menu is similar and if some of the same people show up for work. You have the likely answer. Besides, the place needed a facelift.

  • x

    hellyeah !! Finally an alternative to Chipotle!

  • AEB

    But, Elmer, won’t they also have to change the name? If so, what should the new name be? How about Mon Paris?

  • annab

    This is the greatest news! Those sandwiches are delicious. I will eat them constantly now.

  • RobertS

    Been going to their shop on Bergen St. since it opened. And every time, I would tell them “you should open in the Heights”. Gee, maybe they listened!