If You Don’t Want Marty’s Message, Post a Sign

State Senator Martin “Marty” Connor’s “street team” was out in force in Brooklyn Heights tonight, handing out fliers to commuters.  A couple of young men were spotted slipping Connor fliers under the front doors of a few brownstones as well.  Luckily, if you don’t want his stuff – or anyone else’s – on your doorstep, New York State has come to the rescue.  All you have to do is hang up a sign:

NY Times CityRoom: On Saturday, the city started enforcing a new state law that prohibits the placement of “unsolicited papers, fliers, pamphlets, handbills, circulars or other materials advertising a business or soliciting business” at homes in New York City where the property owner has posted a sign saying such materials are not wanted. Advertisers who violate the law face fines from $250 for a first offense to $1,000 for repeat violators.

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  • nicky215

    I hope he paid for this himself. In the last 6 weeks I have gotten two mailings from him-pretending to be state business.
    It is obvious they are campaign pieces as I haven’t received one in several previous months. They say the state is in dire financial straights. Why is this guy using his office to have state taxpayers pay for these mailings?

  • Ed

    I’ve gotten more mail from Kid Squadron in the 6 weeks than I think I’ve gotten from Connor in 6 years!

    In any event, are you certain the new “do not deliver” rules apply to political leafleting?

  • nabeguy

    The young men you refer to actually knocked on my door, and had PDA’s in hand with my name on it. I guess I didn’t answer the questions in their canvassing call of the previous night in the correct manner.

  • hieghtsresident

    is there any state law about being solicited on the street by the ACLU, Children who need my credit card, The Democratic Party and Taze ?

    I don’t think that this is right that when you walk down the street people are literally walking after you asking for your CREDIT CARD donation, it’s just not classy or proffesional…..it fowls up Montague Street. Why can’t they set up a table with their information and who wants to can sign up?

  • WinstonSmith

    Squadron needs to send all that mail because he has no record or background that qualifies him for office. So, like all young candidates who think they can hitch the Obama bandwagon they run a few polls to see what people are upset about and campaign on a pledge to “change things”. As usual he offers no supporting evidence or details on what needs to change or how it will happen. The whole campaign is based around attacking some strawman version of Connor that is nothing like the true candidate.

    Does Connor have his flaws? Certainly. But they are certainly not the ones that Squadron seems to attack on a daily basis.

    I received a letter from Squadron claiming Marty Connor did nothing to get Brooklyn Bridge park off the ground and that he is an ineffective legislator. As I have some knowledge of the park situation, let us examine the facts.

    Marty Connor secured the original study funding for a commission to investigate the feasibility of the park. He then secured additional finding for the committee to plan the park’s layout. He even loaned some of his staff members to the committee to help things along. Then he managed to secure 85 million dollars to get the park construction underway. Marty Connor has been a friend of this park from day one, and when it is complete our children will have a beautiful park to play in and enjoy a little slice of nature in our city. There couldn’t be a better person on the park than Connor.

    Also, lets stop acting like connor wants to put housing into this park. He just got us the money for a huge park. The city and he have been and are fighting with the developer over housing. We shall see how it pans out.

    As to the law, the first amendment protects political speech. That law will prevent restaurants from putting menus under your door and the like, but come campaign time you can expect literature.