84th Precinct Police Blotter – 5/17/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 A lot of activity, though none at Planet Fitness. It’s this week’s police blotter.

So I called the Precinct this morning at 7 to set up a 9:30 appointment, and then promptly forgot until 9:20—I was about to call my mother to dissect and diagnose my life when I saw the last call I made had been to the 84. Suddenly, the weekly dilemma of what to wear to the blotter went out the window, as I threw on jeans and eyeliner and dashed out into the pouring rain. By the time I made it to the precinct my bangs and adrenaline made me look like Alice Cooper, except scary.

Luckily, I was not arrested. Here’s the scoop:

One Friday afternoon, a PolyTech student reported his $1,900 MacBook Pro stolen. The report stated that both his roommate and others had keys to his room.

On Sunday evening at Popeye’s, a thief reached into the cash register and pulled out $1,200 before taking off, perhaps with a bucket of wings to go. The robbery was caught on video.

On Atlantic and 3rd Sunday afternoon, a Boost Mobile phone was snatched out of the hands of a 22-year-old woman.

On Friday night, a drunken straphanger passed out on a southbound F train and awoke at Metro Tech. When he went to check the time on his phone, he discovered his phone was gone, along with his ATM card. A quick check revealed his card had been used four times in three places, and debited $800.

A 50-year-old York St. resident was forced into his apartment by two thugs in ski masks, who pointed a silver handgun at his head and tied him up in the bathroom. The thieves made off with two Xbox remotes, Xbox video games, $270 and a prescription for percocet.

A 1993 red Acura Integra was stolen from Bridge St.

Meanwhile, a photographer returning to his VW after a shoot on Washington and Front Sts. noticed his window smashed and his $1,300 camera stolen, as well as about $1,300 worth of equipment.

The New York Photo Festival that was just held in DUMBO was also the scene of a crime, as someone stole an exhibit’s projector, Apple Mac and motion detector.

On Thursday night, a 22-year-old man was beaten and robbed by seven thugs on a downtown G train. They were arrested at the scene—the oldest was 21, the youngest 16.

A man and woman on their way to work at Checkers were jumped by a woman they both knew, along with her friends. The gang got away with two cell phones and an iPod.

Finally, there was great discussion in the Precinct about Petty Larceny vs Criminal Possession of Property. The consensus is if you conceal something with the intent to steal it, but are caught before leaving the premises, it’s Petty Larceny. If you’re caught with the goods after leaving the premises, it’s Criminal Possession of Property. That’s this week’s Crime Analysis 101, and that’s also this week’s blotter.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The 84th Pct Community Council monthy meeting is TONIGHT
    do you have a question or serious concern or complaint?
    STOP only talking on the web or with your friends.
    GET UP and come to the place where your concerns and questions HAVE to be seriously answered (by LAW)

    Sure the 5 PM time and the 37 Main street in dumbo is less than
    totally convenient. (Sure, this is one of the ways they discourage you from attending.)

    But one of the ONLY ways you can still have voice heard on
    public safety issues is the IMPORTANT meeting.

    The meeting typically goes on till like 6:30 or 7:00 so you can come a little later.

    STOP complaining Come to the police meeting TONIGHT!

  • David on Middagh

    How was it, Jeffrey?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The location and the time of the meeting was viewed as less than ideal. but the atmosphere and helpfullness of the staff at powerhouse books was far better than expected for many.

    The subject of the meeting was NYPD’s anti terrorism efforts
    1 police plaza sent an experianced officer who gave a very fair presentation of the subject via powerpoint. The presentation made two major points that terroists are a diverse lot. Not always tied to the middle east. The tokyo sarin gas attack on the subway there was cited. The other major point was the absolute necessity for public cooperation for the police efforts to be really effective.

    Then it was Q & A time and the fireworks, albeit muted, started
    One person cited the CBS report on possible domestic terrorism.
    Then it was my turn…I noted that the CBS report of “sovern citizens” has created a wave of controversy in many quarters due to the journalistic standards or lack of employed in the report. I also noted that TV execs on 6th ave shouldnt be the paries who get to designate individuals or groups as terrorists and third, that
    it is critical to know which groups had influence on a media product. If for example the ADL approaches media to persue a group and ONE of this targeted group positions tends to be critical of the state of Israel, how fair reliable should the resulting media report should be viewed as?

    Then we got into the question that if there is a real terrorist threat,
    why is it that government has REDUCED police in the city by
    THOUSANDS of officers. We have lost some of the most know-
    legable, experianced and highly valuable officers in the system.
    There is NO substitute for cops. We arebeing told that face recognition, shoe recognition and artificial intelligence will keep us safe. Really? There is no substitute for cops

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Then, since were on the subject of public cooperation, the subject
    of the TSA and what is occuring at the airports was brought up.

    I told the assembled anti terrorism experts that what I have witnessed at many airports is, make no mistake, a disaster
    for public cooperation. If anyone thinks that someone who has
    just had thier childred or wife groped by the TSA is EVER going to feel like cooperating with ANY law enforcement they are very
    mistaken. What is now occuring at airports (and given their
    internal documents, shortly at train stations and highway “checkpoints” ) is the worst public relations for all law enforcement.

    The general Q & A for the precinct commander followed. A generla
    airing of complaints on bikle behavior was heard. The precinct
    will try to move toward a policy which better controls the amount
    of on the sidewalk and near misses of elderly etc.

    The question of Bill Braton’s “predictive policing” based in L.A.
    this program seeks to anticipate crime shifts and have police there for when the problems to emerge. The 84 pct command
    is, according to officers at the meeting, alread doing a program to assign officers to areas they feel will shortly become hot crime activity zones.

    Leslie Lewis the sometimes controversal chief of the 84 Pct
    community council was given a surprise card and small gifts
    in recognition of his Birthday.

    The meeting overall was enjoyable and one of the best attended
    in about a year. .

  • David on Middagh

    Thanks for the rundown!

  • Pierpont&Monroe

    Jeffrey, Funny you should be so concerned about anti terrorism when you keep that dogeared copy of The Turner Diaries under your pillow.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Funny in all my reeadings of alternative and mainline social
    literature I never read that one. I know about its reputation but
    I’m more at “emprie of the city” by E.C. Knute type.