Breaking Away: Doggie Edition

Three years ago, a BHB reader spotted a local dog walker on a scooter with several pooches in tow. Last week, a tipster observed what appears to be another walker on a bicycle (photo) doing basically the same thing. But folks walk dogs while wearing roller blades all the time, so is this a big deal?

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  • Heather Quinlan

    I can’t see anything. Is it Bigfoot?

  • AnnOfOrange

    It may not be a big deal, but it is really foolish/stupid. Dogs are easily distracted by other dogs, trucks, garbage on the street and who knows what else. It’s hard to keep a bike in balance when a canine in tow decides to change direction. A bicycle, dog and, possibly, car accident would be a very messy scene.

  • bklyn20

    If this is who I think it is, the walker is super-responsible and is usually doing this with his own dog. If anyone can do this safely, it’s him.

  • Y

    I am super-responsible, safely shoot my gun and usually do it on a shooting range. I am sure everyone would have objections if I would setup target practive in public, no?

  • bklyn20

    Yes, this makes me nervous, but last time I checked the activity in question has never been used as a murder weapon.

  • Pepper

    It’s not a big deal if the biker was on a path. But in the street…not a good place for a dog.

  • ABC

    are we supposed to make a comment based on that photo?

  • Y

    bklyn20: Dog pulls biking dogwalker into another direction than he he is biking, he falls on the street, car behind tries to avoid the fallen biker, runs onto the sidewalk into a group of stroller pushing moms… Voila, the car is a murder weapon…. Well, it would probably be called an accident. And all because he is super-responsible.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ bklyn20 you wrote:
    “If this is who I think it is, the walker is super-responsible and is usually doing this with his own dog. If anyone can do this safely, it’s him”.
    That is one of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard. The man in question is not at all responsible nor can you possibly claim there is any safe way of walking a bunch of dogs while riding a bike on the street. This act is the epitomey of the self centered, selfish, ‘I don’t care about anyone or any thing else but my own pleasure’ attitude that leads to such stupidity. The guy often has his dog along for the ride? all that mean is he doesn’t care about his dog and certainly not anyone else’s. The only bigger idiots are the people who knowing let this a**hole walk their dog and those who back his modus operandi.

  • bklyn20

    Dear Eddie, I agree with your opinions in many other areas. But please read my posts before throwing your word bombs. I wrote that it makes me nervous and that the person in question (and from that photo it’s still in question) does this with his own dog. So he is taking a risk with his dog, yes, but not with those of his clients. I have dogs and may know this person (may.) Please consider switching from a venti to a tall, or something similar, before flaming.

  • karen

    It’s one thing to do it with your own dog (albeit still dangerous and can cause accidents that hurt other people as well), but if this is truly a walker, and he or she is out with other people’s dogs, that is a different story. I would fire my walker if I found out he was doing this.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Ok bklyn20, I give a partial apology. I am most infuriated with the actions of the Idiot on the bike, I guess my anger may have come across at being mostly directed at you, It is not, it is at the idiot on the bike. However, you did somewhat defend the action. Please take a step back an ask yourself; is there any reasonable defense for this guys actions?



  • bklyn20

    Thanks, Eddy. Biking with a dog is an excellent way to tire out/calm down a young, hyper dog. I THINK — and this is all conditional and hypothetical since we don’t know for sure who we’re talking about — that this is the walker’s dog. The person in question does love his dog and has trained it very well for this and other purposes. I see this action as being akin to that of people riding bikes with little kids in bike seats on city streets. (Even with helmets.) The parent and the dog owner have decided to take this particular risk.. They are doing whatever they can to minimize that risk. I wouldn’t do it but I don’t know that I have the right to stop them.