Brick Watch: Montague Street

168 Montague Street

Lots of brick “action” on Montague Street – 168’s conversion is moving along as is construction at 116 aka the Sleepy’s building (below).

What do you think?

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  • Claude Scales
  • harumph

    What do I think? I think 168 looks like like crap – cheap, horrible design – crap. 116 is looking much better!


    This is a disgusting example of EconoArchitecture.
    It’s a Budget 6 facade making up the fourth corner of an intersection otherwise graced by three outstanding structures: a beautifully converted office building, a monumental bank and a very historic church.
    What did we do to deserve this permanent, outsized eyesore?? Or, possibly, not do.

  • AEB

    WE did nothing.We’re just poor wayfarers, traveling these mean streets of Brooklyn Heights and environs, naked as jaybirds on a hot tin roof.

    Most people who build apartment buildings will do so as cheaply they can or feel they can get away with.


  • Andrew Porter

    Actually, all exterior brick work has been done for a month on both buildings. 168 Montague is not the address of the building that extends from Montague to Remsen: it’s 175 Clinton Street. The entrance remains where it was before the renovation, as the entire Montague Street facade is taken by the Rite-Aid store. Interior work on both continues; I saw lots of kitchen and bathroom materials being off-loaded last month.