Break-In at Jack the Horse Tavern

Jack the Horse Tavern owner Tim Oltmans got a rude awakening this morning when he showed up to work. “We had a break-in,” he said. “We think they used a brick to smash the glass [on the door].” More info after the jump.

The perps also turned off the light above the door to hide their activity; then once they got in used Oltmans’ toolbox to break the locks and get into the office. That’s where they hit paydirt. “They got a lot of cash,” he said. “The police are coming by soon to take fingerprints and collect evidence.”

But although the restaurant has taken a hit, Oltmans said will be open this evening. “I just have to find someone to fix the glass. And I guess I’ll have to go to the bank and get some cash.” (Update: Per commenter @Jackson, the restaurant will re-open Friday.)

The brick that is believed to have been used to break the glass.

The busted glass.

The robbers turned off the light above the entrance.

Chef and owner Tim Oltmans tries not to let the break-in get him down.

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  • Luke C

    As my dad told me when I moved to the big city, “never leave anything more expensive than a brick in your car, ’cause that’s all it costs a thief to get it!”

    Sorry to hear about JTH and hope they can recover the loss from insurance. FWIW, I think I’ll make reservation for Friday night and help fill the safe back up!

  • my2cents

    Oh man, I saw Tim talking to a cop today. I had no idea this was why! Sorry to hear about this!! What a shame. Sounds like the thieves really knew where to look though.

  • lori

    It seems to me that crime in the neighborhood is increasing. Is it just the spring + or is it the economy? Also, several cars have been vandalized the past week with windows broken and items stolen and I dont even see these incidents on the police blotter.

  • nabeguy

    This is not good. Smash and grabs of cars, while upsetting, do not rise to this level in terms of seriousness or frequency. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  • Jackson

    Actually, Jack the Horse will not be open on Thursday. Circumstances did not allow enough time to fully prepare for service, but Friday will see the restaurant back in action.

  • Gerrry

    In this neighborhood back in the 1980s car break-ins happned all of the time Brooklyn Heights and all over the city cars were vandilized then came Mayor Rudy Gullianni who cleaned up crime or moved crime so that we did not see it. I hope that the pendulum does not swing back to those days of not being able to park a car on the street in Brooklyn Heights.

  • liam

    restaurants and bars really neeed a small in the floor safe for late nite reciepts ! you sleep easier that way

  • AEB

    Terrible! But where was he cash kept? If on the premises, it should have been in a safe….

  • Demonter

    Perps scoped the place out and got their bearings…this does not seem like a teenage punk deal. Sorry to hear of it. (This sort of crime happens everywhere not just the Big City.)

  • Dave

    Ugh. This is not good. FYI the one thing you NEVER say to the press or a blog after being robbed is “They got a lot of cash.” Even though you wouldn’t think it, thieves can read. Even internet. Now he’s a mark…Unless he’s trying to make thieves think he’s a mark. And he’s actually waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce on any future thieves. Because he’s like some sort of vigilante Batman. Oh man, that is brilliant. The next thug to break in here is gonna get got. And that goes for the rest of the neighborhood too, dear criminals. The entire area is nothing but crime fighting, kung fu knowing bad asses.

  • north heights res

    I moved here in 1998, and within the next 3 years, the windows of my car were smashed 3 times. This is nothing new. Fortunately, hasn’t happened since 2001; seems, actually, like the frequency of such events has decreased.

  • heightsguy

    Don’t leave a GPS holder or suction cup for a holder on your windshield. They will break in looking for a GPS. Top spots to get smashed: in front of Hillside Dog Park, End of Willow that curves downhill.

  • Heightsman

    Take the cash out. Period. I love JTH but never leave anything in the house or the car. I saw Tim today and it’s heart breaking. Anyone thinking it’s an inside job? I hope not.

  • Demonter

    Inside job? Detectives always keep that possibility open. We were ripped off twice years ago-both inside jobs. People that knew where the “loot” was and schemed to grab it. Both were avoidable if we were a bit more security conscious.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Heightsman, “taking the cash out” is not a safe option. Restaurants close late and walking to the bank or home with several thousand in cash puts one at risk of being robbed; That of course, could have much worse outcome than a couple of broken doors. The best option is a safe.

  • Johng

    re: lori’s comment about not seeing such incidents on the police blotter.
    Seems to me that there are a number of criminal incidents that do not make it to the official police reports. If the blotter is supposed to be the official record of incidents then police/city officials are not giving us an accurate picture of crime in our neighborhood.

  • David on Middagh

    I’ve always assumed that the incidents presented here are a curated assortment–the most newsworthy of what the crime reporter has discovered.

  • Linda

    I read all the posts and don’t recall anyone saying whether or not there was an alarm system at JTH?

  • C.

    @ Heightsman:

    My first thought when reading it was that it was an inside job. First, it says they used the owners toolbox to get in the office. What kind of thief would just hope a) the owner has a toolbox and b) that they were able to find it right away – You have to be in and out as quickly as possible so they had to know the owner had a toolbox and exactly where to find it. Additionally they had to know that he had the right tools in the toolbox for the job.

  • nabeguy

    Plus, as Linda implies, they had to know that there was no alarm system, or at least how to disable it if there was one.

  • johnseanban

    I second the comments above as it does appear that there is more smashed car window glass along Willow St. Hope the neighborhood is not slipping back to its former self. Who knows, perhaps with the parties scheduled for BBP, the crowds could have a positive impact on the ‘hood

  • nabeguy

    johnseanban, be careful what you wish for. Crowds can be a deterrant to crime…or the source of it.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well, everybody who is concerned with this and other incidents….
    SHOW UP at the 84th Pct community council and make SURE
    everyone knows HOW concerned you are.

    Remember the basic law of neighborhood safety…ONLY neighborhoods with high reactivity to incidents AND who clearly transmit that reactivity to surrounding arears get
    to be safe…

    One more thing, very important. the real key to long term safety is
    to get active in response to an incident or a bad trend…AND
    STAY active. So local officialdom clearly understands they CAN’T
    simpoly throw you a bone and you’ll go away like a obedient
    child…persistant consistant pressure equals reliable safety.

    A LOT of people come to the 84 Pct meeting when something happens then they promptly split when they are “assured” that
    will have their concerns seen to….

  • Mr. Krabs

    he doens’t look like he got broken in