Police Search for Man Who Shoved and Injured 89 Year Old Woman

According to Mary Frost in the Eagle police at the 84th Precinct have provided a photo (see it by following the link to Ms. Frost’s story) of the man suspected of having, at about 2:00 PM on September 26 at Court and Montague Streets, approached an 89 year old woman from behind and shoved her to the sidewalk, causing injuries for which she was hospitalized in stable condition.

Ms. Frost’s story also includes an account of the October 17 meeting of the 84th Precinct Community Council at which concerns were voiced about several violent crime incidents, fortunately none fatal. One hopeful item: interim precinct commanding officer, Captain Steven Hyland, said progress was made on identfying the man who slashed another man’s hand on the Promenade, and that an arrest was likely imminent.

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  • Stelle80

    What was the incident at the Women’s Exchange?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    A man came in and caused a disturbance. No one was hurt and no damage was done. Police escorted him out.