Promenade Slasher at Large

As reported by Mary Frost in the Eagle, police are searching for a man who used a knife to repeatedly slash on the right hand a 22 year old man, who at the time was sitting on a bench at the north end of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, last Tuesday, August 1. According to the Eagle story, the police had reports that the attacker “may have made anti-gay statements to the victim prior to the assault”; consequently, the incident is being considered a possible hate crime. As of Tuesday, the victim was in stable condition at NYU Langone in Cobble Hill.

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  • nomcebo manzini

    I’d like to think that the Brooklyn Eagle – and I AGREE that Mary Frost is a fine journalist – has a very different “vibe” from the BHB. Of course, Claude picks up – as a guess – 95% of her local stories, … but JUST MAYBE, some thought should be given to “If it bleeds, it leads.”

    Yes, it’s the way the Daily News and the Post and “news at 11″ have always goosed their “views,” but it definitely has a pernicious and ugly – often racist – aspect. It certainly is a major reason why we have Mayor Adams, instead of an honest someone WITH a good working brain, like Mayor Garcia!

  • B.

    While I agree that The New York Post has an agenda, so does The New York Times. It’s good to know what’s happening in our various neighborhoods no matter how resolutely some like to deny reality.

  • Andrew Porter

    You know, you can go in and revise your post, up to 7 days after you make it. Unless you really meant to argue with yourself.

  • B.

    How so, Andrew? Both newspapers I mentioned have their slant on the news, omitting some stories or building others up, but Mary Frost reported an incident. It’s a reality that stuff happens.

  • ufbackward

    So it’s racist to not want the Promenade so overrun with vagrants that we have to think twice about walking down the thing in broad daylight? It’s become an open-air drug den for the mentally disturbed, who are now randomly slashing people. It’s not sensationalism… it’s the reality for anyone who walks down the Promenade. (And that’s putting aside the slum Montague is becoming.)

  • Effective Presenter

    Brooklyn Heights is really going downhill?