84th Precinct Police Blotter – 4/13/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 More thugs targeting teens and more perps after your cells! Hell’s Bells – it’s this week’s police blotter.

Last week’s blotter recounted several violent acts against teens, particularly 14-year-olds. This time, on Thursday, another 14-year-old was victimized as he walked along Jay Street. A thug approached him and asked if he was a crip or a blood. “I’m nothing,” the teen replied, and was subsequently roughed up. He was also robbed of his cell phone.

The previous day, a 17-year-old girl was also roughed up—this time on Fulton St. and by a gang of gals who snatched her umbrella, her Droid, and threatened to throw her in front of a subway train. One culprit was arrested while the others remain at large.

On April 7th, a manicurist from Top Nail Design on Livingston St. was robbed of her tip money when her purse was stolen along with $300.

On the flip side of the teen thuggery, a 52-year-old was arrested Thursday for robbing a man at Gold St. near the BQE. The thug yelled “Give me all your money!” And when that didn’t work, punched and choked the victim before stealing his cellphone.

I feel like the moral to this blotter should be leave your cell phones at home, though that is both unlikely, and defeats the purpose of having a cell phone. So all I can do is quote Sgt. Phil Esterhaus. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • WillowtownCop

    The first mugging reminds me of an old joke: An American leaves a Belfast bar and is on his way back to his hotel when a thug jumps him from behind and holds a knife to his throat. Are you a Catholic or a Protestant? Asked the mugger. Thinking he was being clever, the American answered, Neither- I’m a Jew. The mugger paused for a minute and said, I must be the luckiest Palestinian in all of Northern Ireland.

  • lori

    The blotter does not include all the vandalism that has been done to automobiles the past week in Brooklyn Heights. I know of at least three incidents (all reported) including windows smashed in and items stolen.

  • Gerrry


    The old days pre-Rudy Gullianni vandalized cars in Brooklyn Heights may be returning.

  • resident

    You do realize that the drop in NYC crime rates corresponded to drops in crime rates all across the country, right? The booming economy of the 90’s was the primary cause of a “safer” NYC, not anything that Giuliani did.

    Also, for the record, crime rates were already falling during the end of the Dinkins regime.

  • PJL

    Seem to remember a stronger, or at least more visible, NYPD presence around here in the 90’s… I rarely see a cop around BH (not counting traffic agents) these days and think that makes a big difference….

    Am I remembering incorrectly?

  • WillowtownCop

    There are about 20% less cops now than there were 10 years ago.

  • nabeguy

    Let me ask you Willow, have you heard anything about increased police presence for the BPP? Or is that something else the residents are supposed to subsidize?

  • epc

    I’m not Willow, but if you mean Brooklyn Bridge Park, there’s now 2-3 Parks patrolmen that move between the Main Street portion and Pier 1 (and possibly Pier 6, though I don’t walk down that far at night). I’m not saying that’s the right number but it’s more than we had before the shift to the city.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks epc, I did mean BBP. And when you say Parks patrolmen, do you mean NYPD or rent-a-cops? Given that the most popular routes to the BBP are through BH. I probably should have broadened my original inquiry to include the Heights and not just the immediate vicinity of the park. The question still stands, however, as to whether the necessity for increased police protection has been brought up as an issue in light of the increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic that the park will inevitably draw to the area.

  • epc

    They’re not NYPD but they are uniformed Parks dept officers, I don’t think they’re rent-a-cops. When the park was under development and possibly the first month or so there were definitely rent-a-cops, but not now (I’m making a huge assumption that if they’re wearing a Parks dept uniform they’re not contractors).

    NYPD patrols the Main St section overnight, driving through every hour or so.

  • fultonferryman

    The Parks Dept officers in BBP are called PEP officers. They can issue summonses and make arrests. http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_about/parks_divisions/urban_park_service/pep.html

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Last saturday, there was an apparent official helo overflight at
    VERY VERY LOW altitude.

    At aprox 11:30 last saturday, there was a helo circling the cen-
    tral Heights till aprox 11:55


    The noise rattled plates in ajoining apartments and people came
    to thier doors with the noise. Given the scores of people at their
    windows, there had many people seriously concerned.

    With good reason, If ANYTHING had gone wrong with the helo’s system what chance of recovery would there have be?

    What could POSSIBLY justify an overflight such as this?

    One of the great personalities who “cover” or “represent” the Heights should take the supreme effort to make some kind of inquiery as to what happened here.

    There was also a stationary helo at like 6:05 AM till aprox 6:30
    on Wed morning. The loud thumping roused scores of people
    in buildings near me. Peole really liked that…

    What jsutified a stationary helo causing thatlevel of disruption?

    Someone should have to answer for BOTH of these incidents.
    Especially the Saturday ultra low passes over the Heights.

    This is tons of metal glass and fuel just above your children’s heads……

    What could possibly justify an overflight of this nature

  • nabeguy

    Once again I’m not talking about the park security, but the outlying neighborhoods. epc the NYPD patrol you mention sounds like a regular route. Do you happen to know what areas it includes? And does it include daylight hours or just overnight?

  • epc

    In brief: I have no idea.

    In DUMBO, during the day time there’s always a mix of NYPD officers and traffic control circling through. At night I usually see the Parks PEP officers more often than NYPD. NYPD typically circles through DUMBO and then through the Main St portion of the park. Have rarely seen NYPD inside Pier 1–Pier 6, day or night. Before Pier 1 opened NYPD used to come down and park by Fulton Landing and do a walk around periodically (more than once an hour). I’ve seen less of that since the park actually opened.

    When I lived in Brooklyn Heights there was a routine NYPD sweep of the Promenade at night, I’m guessing every 20-30 minutes. I lived on Hicks so it was never clear which cars circling around using Hicks were on patrol vs just using Hicks to get through the neighborhood.

    [as far as why I know any of this at all: I routinely walk my dogs between 11 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. — less tourists to run into, though there ALWAYS seems to be a wedding photo session going on at the Main St BBP ;-)]

  • nabeguy

    epc. thanks for being our late night eyes on the street. I’m not attempting to be a provocateur in regards to this issue, but I do think that it’s a point that should be looked at, especially given the advent of warmer weather and the subsequent increase of pedestrian traffic through the area.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    All these complaints and observations are helpful to list here,
    but the place it really matters to bring ALL this up is the 84th
    Precinct Community Council meeting.

    First of all it places it in the record that residents have in
    public brought these concerns and critical comments direct-
    ly to the command levels of those agencies which are responsible for the safety of the Heights. It removes the dodge, dearly loved by every level of officialdom, that they were never informed
    of a problem…

    Second, there is, or should be, press there covering what is going on. A statement made at a public meeting is in itself a valid basis for an article or a valid opening for a journalist to persue. (a call
    the next day to reporters detailing the fuller reasons for your statement is an important amplifier of your appearance.

    Its great to sit in a blog and complain but where it counts is when you stand up in public, not behind a blog handle, and expose
    what is really threatening or what is going wrong in a community.

    Vigilence IS the price of safety and liberty. But then it must be
    followed by courage in the public square.