NY Accent Film Fundraising

Want to be a film backer? Sure, we all do! So now here’s your chance. Grab that loose change under the sofa cushions and magically transform it into production funds when you help me to finish my documentary on the New York accent, called If These Knishes Could Talk. It’s about how the accent evolved and if it’s changing as New York changes, and features the accent in sign language and on Twitter as well. Have a look at the trailer and hope you enjoy. (One word is NSFW!)
And remember, if you can’t finance a Knish, be a Knish supporter. Thanks much and please leave nice comments or I’ll cry you a river.

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  • http://www.cinemaartscentre.org Jud Newborn

    Hi Heather! I’m Special Projects Curator for the Cinema Arts Centre LI (Huntington). LOVE the trailer and film concept. I nevah noo I had’a Noo Yawk accent until I went ta Israel wen I was sixteen an met otha joowish kids from aroun the country. Suddenly – bam! Din’t take maw than a few days faw me ta lose it!

    Now I do dramatic multimedia lectures to the public and interview leading actors and directors in from of live audiences!

    But I’ll never forget, when I was a grad student at Clare Hall, Cambridge University and heard someone on the radio “tawkin’ like dat’ – I thought, “wow, he sounds like a jerk.” Then I realized he was ‘tawkin’ about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity!

    I’d love to talk with you! Please do email me!

    Best wishes – Jud Newborn, PhD (BA Noo Yawk Univoisity, PhD, Univoisity a’ Chicawgo)
    –(Me speakin’ faw real: IngridPitt-BeyondForest Preview Video

    –my site, always unda construction like da rest a Noo Yawk: http://www.judnewborn.com
    –my book (I ain’t no joik) http://www.amazon.com/Sophie-Scholl-White-Rose-Newborn/dp/1851685367

    –Come be my guest, bring Pete Hamil: CAC-Jud-Recent-Guests http://www.cinemaartscentre.org/010/010Mayo/CAC-SpecialGuests.html
    –Then be my past guest: CAC-Jud-PastRecentGuests http://www.cinemaartscentre.org/past.html

  • http://www.cinemaartscentre.org Jud Newborn

    Oh – Everyone! I’m posting Heather’s KNISHES TRAILER to my FACEBOOK page, with suggestions people support it – you do it too! It’s ta die faw! – Dr. Jud Newborn, Special Projects Curator, Cinema Arts Centre LI