84th Precinct Police Blotter – 4/6/11

bugleblotter-300x1711 It’s tough for teens out there this week; meanwhile, a man comes back from prison to find his home ransacked. It’s this week’s police blotter.

Two incidents involving 14-year-olds and one with a 17-year-old took place last week. The first 14-year-old was attacked Wednesday afternoon on Willoughby St., after a man called out “Yo, where’s poppy?” Within moments, the child was punched and kicked and robbed not only of $2, but also probably his faith in people.

Three days later, another 14-year-old boy was assaulted, and for quite a bit more money. According to the report, the victim was heading to a check cashing joint to get a money order for his mother; suddenly, he was jumped by five thugs who stole $700 out of his pocket.

The last teen incident took place Monday near Fulton and Gallatin; a 17-year-old was tying his shoe when he was suddenly kicked in the arm and robbed of his cell phone.

And the news just keeps getting worse, as evidenced by the tale that I like to call “Confessions of Felonious Monk.” It’s about the dangers of living with an ex, especially when there’s expensive stereo equipment involved. In this case, the 35-year-old victim was living with his ex-girlfriend until January, when he was locked up on unnamed charges. Once freed, he returned home to find the girl gone, along with $5,300 worth of stereo equipment, and damage totaling $10K. Police questioned the ex, who now lives elsewhere, and who I am guessing made a statement like, “Moi? You can’t be serious!” which was apparently sufficient because she was not arrested. (I await her book.)

A fight broke out at Kevin Barry’s Bar and Grill on Willoughby St. last Friday night, where a good Samaritan who tried to break it up got a bottle smashed over his head, resulting in 10 stitches. And by the way, I read the review of KB’s on Yelp: “Good people. And the DJ is the shit.” Just a tip for you all since Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

And finally, an iPhone was stolen from a straphanger at the High St. station; however, I have somehow managed to now hold onto mine for two weeks now. How long will this last? Tune in next time, Dear Reader.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Things are drifting into less safe waters for the last year. A LOT
    of what you are seeing now is that two or three people in a family have now been unemployed for over a year. Welcome to the new global economy….So the tension builds and the outlet is the street …and king michael’s reign is is running out. So the fun is restarting….

  • http://www.PoetsUSA.com Daniela Gioseffi

    Our entire culture is more violent, nasty, and less polite, less deeply humane, greatly because of the mean spirited and violent reality shows and vile entertainment, and the disconnectedness wrought by technology. No one moves over for old people hobbling down the street these days. Bicycles all over the sidewalks without warning bells or license plates–knocking people down and breaking bones. Of course, the rough economy with the great majority of the wealth in a hands of the few and the Tea Party racist and bigoted mentality and the propaganda spread by the likes of Karl Rove and such are a part of it, too. The right wing is funded by huge profit motive propagandists, and the violent shows on television and the disgustingly vile computer graphics horror movies all feed into numbing people against kindness and empathy. The worst of American culture has spread across the globe with its materialistic bent. The young are being numbed out of decent humane feelings, and date rape is up on campuses, at the ivy leagues and every where. Bullying is rampant, too. The overly sexual attitude of ego gratification, instead of loving relationship, and a culture based on humane decency and entertainment that teaches the humane values, as great literature and art does, is a paramount problem. Cheap nasty entertainment and an over emphasis on insane fashion ideals, and materialism seem to be rampant MORE THAN EVER it has been in my lifetime. I don’t think it is just that I’m getting older. What do you think? The above is only a brief sketch of what I mean.

  • Mickey

    Funny how you mention the right wing and the Tea Party in your rant, Daniela, while most of what you criticize is the product of left wing liberalism run amok.

  • David on Middagh

    I think that there were violent gangs way back when, and untreated pain that made people mean.

    I think that improvements in cheap transportation (or maybe not so cheap) have wrecked communities by allowing insiders out and outsiders in. I think that economic growth has made us wealthier and more comfortable, but broken up extended families to our detriment.

    I think that many people are happier than ever with post-1960’s freedoms, and that unsupervised people do cause chaos.

    I think that some women in particular are happy not to be stuck at home all day with the kids and with the in-laws, who now live on their own in another state, but that young kids miss their moms and grandmas and cousins, whether they know it or not.

    I think most people would be happier in the end with do-it-yourself entertainments, but there are many temptations.

    I think that there is too much advertising altogether.

    I think things weren’t so great in the past, but we forget…

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Daniela, I think you are spot on… our culture is in the toilet.

  • Billy Reno

    I say we bring back the Dead Rabbits!

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    This is amazing. When everything else fails, claim racism.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    but you all are correct. It isnt (only) the economy. its also things
    like the decline of “little” things like…religion, family, morality
    ethics and patriotism.

    And its the rise of an irresponsible financial and international elite
    mostly in the form of international financial institututions and non
    governmental organizations which have so distorted our society that we have these terrible effects.

    The elites set up BOTH the right and the left. With the effects we now have.

    Pray for our country……