Open Thread Wednesday 4/6/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • davoyager

    Republicruds are at it again. inexcusably cold blooded.

    anyway, that what I’m thinking about.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Oh what are they doing now that has got you so miffed?

  • San

    Anyone else in BH suddenly suffering from Hay Fever this morning?

  • AEB

    Trying to drive a stake the heart of the middle class. For starters.

  • travy

    hay fever hit me on monday hard

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well, if any of you ever look up, you’ll see the CHEMTRAILS that
    they are spraying on you.

    Do you ever THINK that the chemicals they are spraying MIGHT cause SOME kind of bio response?

  • lcd

    Hay fever definitely back – anyone have any old home remedies??

  • San

    Ive tried eating local honey, it doesn’t seem to be helping though. Has anyone any successful remedies?

  • sky

    I actually had a great meal at Armandos the other night. I always thought the food was mediocre. Do they have a new Chef? Waiter was cute too.

  • soulman

    I’d like to publicly thank Dr. Borut of Hope Veterinary Services for his sensitive and caring work as we said goodbye to our 15 year old cat, Sooty, yesterday. We are very grateful for his support.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    On the hay fever, make sure that first, you have a really good diagnosis. This ALWAYS includes a good viewing of upper
    airways. What you think is hay fever can mask a range of more serious conditions. With the insult of urgan living you want a viewing of airways AND you want a video record on disk made no just a dr looking in and having just his opinion. You want a video record an copy of which YOU keep and can show to a second
    opinion facility. Get a full good diagnosis form a leading specialist

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    I would you suggest you question sources of natural products
    They cannot advocate a cure, but you CAN ask them what latest results of research/studies are for a given condition: these are published in peer reviewed publications. You’d be surprised what’s in the open scientific literature which an average doctor will never tell you about. Always also investigate any interactions/side feffects/counterindications with ANY threapy you are considering.
    But on ballance with the risks of std allopathic cures, alternatives
    can be a consideration.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    My doctor has given me “butterbur”, Quercetin and nettle for
    allergies. I would suggest you ask about these

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    But also at begin to question what programs of spraying of well, what are the trails which are being seen spewing from larger aircraft over our heads? Well, this has become a MAJOR issue in the mid west. Labs have collected what is being sprayed and done analysis. Tell you what-the “hayfever” you think you are experiancing may be something MUCH DIFFERENT.

  • zburch

    Neti-pot for hay fever. In theory a little gross, but it really works.

  • BrandonH

    Here’s something that eliminated my hay fever entirely: I eliminated all wheat products and other grains. I haven’t eaten any bread, pasta, etc in two years and no longer get allergy symptoms.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    I use a man in Bay Ridge – 4th and 91st; too far?

  • lcd

    I second the neti pot – gross, but you quickly get over it. Also I start checking this pollen website, which just confirms what I already suspect:

  • nabeguy

    Sorry daft, but I have to empty those spaces out and deliver them vacant on my brokers advise.

  • Monty

    So typical that everyone is complaining about hay fever instead of reveling in the trees blooming. It’s my favorite time of year. Even the cherry blossoms at the botanical gardens have started to open up. It is the best time to be in brownstone Brooklyn. BBP is probably going to be awash in color for the next few weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Melissa

    My excellent and trustworthy cleaning person, Aida, is looking to pick up a few new clients. She cleans well even with my 3 year old trying to “help” her. If interested, she can be reached at 347-235-7641.

  • bhmom

    Does anyone have a recommendation for reasonably priced self-storage in Brooklyn? This would just be for a smallish unit to store boxes, not furniture or art. Thanks.

  • T.K. Small

    I have discovered that taking Claritin on a preemptive basis really works. I started about three weeks ago, and did the same the past few years. For me, allergies can turn into serious respiratory problems and I can testify that this works well.

  • cat

    @Melissa–what does cleaning person charge?

  • north heights res

    Why is there virtually no resemblance between the check-out people at local supermarkets and the check-out people at Trader Joe’s? Does Trader Joe’s have more rigorous hiring practices? Do they pay a lot more? What’s the deal?

  • Melissa

    Depends on size of home. And regarding storage, I’ve heard Treasure Island is cheapest and has easiest access. The Public Storage on Gold is a real pain to access.

  • bornhere

    bhmom: Public Storage is awful (I rent a space there), but American Storage, while more expensive, is a lot better (cleaner, more knowledgeable employees, better access, etc., and I rent space there, too).

  • Anonymouse

    What’s with Love Lane Mews putting Hunts Lane on their main page!??!?!

    Slightly deceptive, isn’t it? And right under the picture, it says: “Step onto Love Lane and College Place and you enter a serene and private streetscape with two and three story Mews houses …” etc

    Isn’t that sort of implying that idyllic picture is OF Love Lane???

  • Lauren J

    I know there probably are several options to choose from in the area, but I was wondering– does anyone have a good recommendation for an optometrist? I need to get a routine eye exam and just thought I would ask for suggestions. Thanks!

  • David on Middagh

    Anonymouse, I agree. It’s deceptive. If I were a serious buyer coming in for a look, thinking I’d see a Hunts Lane, and instead finding a very expensive development in a glorified alley, I’d be ticked.

    I can’t believe what the less classy developers & RE people get away with.