Open Thread Wednesday 4/6/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Claude Scales

    Lauren J: I recommend Dr. Stuart Friedman, at Heights Vision, upstairs at 132 Montague, between Henry and Clinton. Look for a hanging sign that may remind you of the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, from The Great Gatsby.

  • Jorale-man

    @north heights resident – the TJ’s management strikes me as
    being a lot more worker-friendly in general. Maybe it’s the
    salaries or benefits. Or just more rigorous hiring criteria as you
    say. I sometimes feel a little sorry for the TJ’s people though.
    They seem like they’re too well-educated and together for those
    jobs. I guess there are worse things when the economy is still

  • Tb

    PS8 is having it’s annual auction this Friday. Keep creativity alive!!!! donate to PS 8!!!!

  • JoT

    Hi neighbors, I’m looking for recommendations on a great dog walker in the ‘hood. Tried a search here but didn’t come up with anything all that recent. (But it’s early and need more coffee, etc., so if I missed a post, apologies.) I’d like to avoid the walkers who have four or more dogs at a time – looking for something a little more one-on-one. Dog daycare recs also welcome.


  • Linda

    I also recommend Dr. Friedman at Heights Vision. I just saw him two days ago. Both my husband and I have been going to him since we moved here six years ago and we are very happy with him.

  • nabeguy

    Lauren J, if you want a recommendation for an opthamalogist, let me suggest Dr. John Babb.

  • Lauren J

    Many thanks for the suggestions, Claude, Linda and Nabeguy!

  • doggiemaven

    dog walker recommendations: Scott Voloshin , Shakespearean actor and dog walker, is wonderful. Chaba and Henriette (sorry don’t know last names but they are attractive Hungarians, and their dogs walk like Buckingham Palace guards on parade). Violet Lee on Willow St.

    There are a few to steer clear of, but I will not commit to prose, for fear of a “flame war”.

  • Y

    Impressive how the pavillon for Jane’s carousell is going to change the view from BBP @ Main Street towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe this will get us now less tourists people have to take pictures of?

  • Y

    They have been putting up the steel beams.

  • Alana

    John and Andrea own the pet shop on Pineapple walk. They will care for your dog and walk them.
    Dr. Ehrenhaus is an amazing ophthamologist. He is at 339 Hicks St. but has his own office in Bayside Queens

  • Tom

    Any good burger places in the heights? Like really good burgers!!

  • JoT

    Thanks for the dog walker suggestions!

  • x

    Here is a news story filmed at LICh, featuring LICH’s physicians

  • Y

    Someone was in need of an ambulance tonight at 101 Clark. However, it looked like there was more police and swat needed than EMTs.