Seasons to Open Monday, March 21

Update: Contrary to the earlier Times report, Seasons will not open this coming Monday, March 14, but rather the following Monday, March 21.

Seasons, the new restaurant taking the former Bread and Butter location on Henry Street just north of Cranberry, will open Monday, March 21.

New York Times: Tuhin Dutta prepares a contemporary American menu at what was Bread and Butter, now owned by the partners in Picket Fence in Ditmas Park. (Opens Monday): 46 Henry Street (Cranberry Street), Brooklyn Heights, (718) 858-6700.

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Mr. J. for the tip and the update.

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  • ummm

    another indian option to the nabe? Would be welcome!

  • Claude Scales

    The chef may be Indian but the menu is billed as “contemporary American”. Of course, if chicken tikka masala can be declared the true “British national dish” ( )…

  • Josh G

    Man I wish they would serve cornbread and mac ‘n cheese with porcini mushrooms

  • Arch Stanton

    and Cracklin Corn Pone

  • Arch Stanton

    Biscuits with Red-eye Gravy

  • AEB

    …candied okra. On toast points….

  • Nancy

    a good brunch

  • JasonD

    Seems like he worked at Banjara also? Thats always been to me the only decent restaurant on E 6th street, its fabulous. Maybe this place could end up being contemporary American with some Indian fusion hints (a la Tabla!).

  • Hicks St Guy

    anything but mac’ & cheese.

  • Marty’s Girls: Alana

    46 HENRY ST was once the spot to rent a Movie and chit chat with Marty and his girls. Oh how I miss my very first job at Brooklyn Heights Video which was once at this location. Goodluck to Seasons as that address brings back lots of great memories.

  • Mona Bregman

    How about a nice corn beef or lean pastrami sandwich?

  • nabeguy

    Good ol’ Marty. I remember one of my last conversations with him was after The Producers became an overnight smash hit on Broadway, and he was bummed that he only had one copy of the movie.

  • Marty’s Girls: Alana

    @nabeguy note that the one copy was on VHS.. Gotta laugh about that. Many conversations took place at 46 Henry street as I am sure they will continue over Dinner at Seasons.