Papa John’s Invades Brooklyn Heights — With Fliers

It’s one thing that anyone who lives in Brooklyn – home to some of the country’s best pizza – would order “corporate fun” pizza like Papa John’s. Sure, it’s okay for folks from Wisconsin but for New York natives “forget about it” as we believe is the vernacular.

So it’s particularly insulting when our wonderful neighborhood is inundated with fliers for said corporate pizza. Heck, in the commercials “Papa John” is just referred to as “the founder”. WTF? Is he in witness protection? One thing is for sure, Andrew Porter and David from Middagh will totally be collecting and trashing these tiny pieces of propaganda/garbage ASAP.

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  • David on Middagh

    If you can reach the flier from the sidewalk, I say it’s fair game.

  • AEB

    Glancing out my living room window at 6:00 AM the other morning, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a small woman with shoulder bag from which she took these fliers, putting them on door knobs everywhere. A stealth attack!

    I myself remove every one I see. Mercifully, there seems to have been a reprieve from the plastic-bagged weekly promotion packages, which were instant garbage….

  • Quinn Raymond

    I am puzzled as to why anyone would go for this when they have Fascati, Grimaldi’s, My Little, Sosta, Lucali, etc… all nearby.

    Plenty of options already at different price-points, none of them chains.

  • Andrew Porter

    Bet there are marketing stats somewhere showing the general wealth of BH, plus how often people here order take-out.

    What really impresses me is how many flyers, business cards, etc., I saw stuck in basement doors, fire exits, onto church fronts, other inappropriate places.

  • FranchiseManglesPapa

    Wisconsin has the Cheese and Chicago is one state over. Virginia needs Papa John’s because it’s residents have no taste buds and unsuspecting visitors would starve if it wasn’t there. John Schnatter is only guilty of being a great motivational speaker, because the franchise owners and management team they create develop a God complex with Satans Soul. That poor girl was out there at 6am because in “franchise world” the store managers responsibility is to daily scream in the faces of all assistants and inside crew members that it doesn’t take a college education to do this job, they suck and and they could be fired today and replaced tomorrow. I’m not exaggerating, I witholding the rest. I’m not even talking about that franchise, I just know how and why an employee goes to that extent. Best part is, she’s not getting paid for it. My point is don’t blame the poor desperate employee and don’t let poor John Schatter’s name be slandered. If your gonna take anybody down, pick the franchise and it’s management, just call them the Papa John’s Wannabes and send the shareholders a friendly suggestion note that says, I think unions should be bailed out from the discrimation that they have been subject to, maybe you could show your support by making it a requirement for franchise owners.

  • FranchiseManglesPapa

    Yeah, that’s called bad boss, bad boss. Starts with your store has a deficiency that nobody else does, so coupon early in the morning so you can get those lunch sales. (having nothing to do with putting coupons where it is illegal or the apt complex that told us to leave when they were open) Pizza is serious business. If two wrongs make a dime, it’s worth it. Besides, once the coupons are out there, what are they gonna do. They only have all the information.

  • FranchiseManglesPapa

    You all seem shocked. Pizza chains don’t believe anybody has better pizza than them and all the rationality in the world will not change that. It’s a strategic addiction for pizza chains, because it’s cheap. If the employee is paid, it’s only one employee for a short amount of time. If they get one repeat customer, they made their money back. If they get two or three for the same day, again, they made their money back. You have to be really mean and rude if you want them to stay away, not physically, but make enough of a fit, that they won’t forget or ignore your request