New Laundromat Opens on Montague

A new laundromat has opened in the space next to Teresa’s, on Montague between Hicks and Montague Terrace, that was vacated after last year’s fire. Mr. J. paid a visit and made the video that follows the jump.

Addendum: While we’re at it, let’s celebrate with the Detergents:

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  • misterbones

    Oh, we need this like we need a hole in the head. Where’s the dive bar, goddamnit?!!?!?!


  • David on Middagh

    I hear ya, misterbones, tho’ personally I’m feeling the lack of an optical shop.

  • cascascas

    Hey – until the new place opened in the ex-Korres space on Montague, we were down to 0 laundromats in the neighbourhood, so we’re not exactly flooded with them. We need at least 2 in case another one burns down…

  • David on Middagh

    @cascascas: Sounds like you need a phone store! Hint, hint.

  • Heightsman

    It can be anything just make sure it’s mediocre!

  • C.

    @misterbones: You can keep holding on if you want to, but I gave up hope a long time ago. Montague street sucks. It always will suck. It’s pathetic. We just have to walk down to Atlantic to go to a decent bar. Why can’t anyone but blog commenters see what is needed on this street?!

  • E

    Montague isn’t a major thoroughfare like Atlantic, Court, Smith or even Henry St. is. It would be suicide to open up anything with overhead on the street. What really gets me is that landlords are getting away with charging stores rents so high that only turn-key operations and chain stores can sign new leases there. The location just straight-up sucks, and is strictly a neighborhood only area.

  • Jorale-man

    I think the biggest issue with Montague continues to be the work-day traffic coming from the courts and downtown. Business owners would rather target them and the residents who are actually clamoring for interesting and lively restaurants, bars and stores.

    What gets me is it could actually be a very charming street given its scale and architecture. Until anything changes, there will always be Court, Smith and Henry.

  • Jorale-man

    sorry, that should read: “would target them THAN the residents”

    Landlord and business owners clearly have their sights set on the lunch-hour worker traffic in other words.

  • x

    I think the neighborhood can use a Jazz oriented restaurant with nightly live music, don’t you think??

  • Y

    The lunch crowd is probably less critical and less likely to blog about the lack of quality and dislikes of the restaurant or bars, therefore avoiding major dents in the businesses sales.

  • C.

    @ Y: Really? How do you think their business does after their target customers leave the neighborhood after 3PM? I’m pretty sure catering towards the local dinner and nightlife crowd would be far more lucrative to a business than a quick lunchtime power hour to some comers and goers

  • C.

    @X: would love a New Orleans restaurant that had crawfish boils and po boys.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is perfect for those people who bring the dirty laundry with them from the office, park it here, then enjoy a hearty luncheon before picking up their sparkling clean undies and head back to the office. Why, I know dozens of people who do this. Not.

  • besuretodrinkyourovaltine

    I throughly sickens me that some people think Subways is capable of making a good sandwich. This is New York a city built on great sandwich institutions. Please go back to wherever you came from, you certainly are not from here.

  • Heighti

    Is this the same owners? If so … they did not treat customers very well after the fire. If not … great.

  • S

    Heighti, no it isn’t the same owners. The Asian family that owned the old laundromat is now at 140 Montague. The owners of the new place are also the owners of Teresa’s and Montague Wines.

  • Gerry


    Thank you for a minute I had been confused???? And so now we have a Polish laundry? For decades i had dropped my laundry at this location on my way to work from my apt on Montague Terrace and after the fire I began to use the laundry room in my building, and the laundry never re-opened.

    The woman who owns Teresa’s is very smart high class she will make a go of this new establishment offering first class service like her restaurant, her liqour store, and now her new laundry.



  • David on Middagh

    @b.s.2.d.y.Ovaltine: If you can get a Subway sandwich from a laundromat, that’s a neat trick. Mind if I watch?