Fire at Laundromat on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights

photo by David Ly

photo by David Ly

FDNY has responded to a fire at the laundromat at 78 Montague Street. BHB tipster David Ly sent in this photo.  DEVELOPING.

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  • Jessica

    Is this why there are helicopters hovering noisily over the heights?

  • eileen

    What’s with the helicopters – is this part of the response to the fire?

  • nelson

    Yes, and our liquor store is gone as well….now I can live without the laundromat…but

  • Jessica

    the helicopters are gone now – I think they might have been there for the earlier fire at 192 Concord.

  • ratNYC

    Not the liquor Store!!!!!

  • bhb

    ugh. the smoke smell is gross. how bad was the fire?

  • Bob

    Funny, there are a huge number of NY Bravest in the Liquor Store. Just a couple in the laundromat. (Seriously, they can’t pay these guys enough for what they do. It’s dangerous, smelly, dirty and brutal work. Thanks to our local firehouses for keeping us safe).

  • Victor

    Wait…the wine store is gone too? Nooooooooooooooo.

  • Drew

    Any word on whether the dry cleaner on that block was affected? If so, any idea on what type of insurance a dry cleaner must carry?

  • Norman E-Mailer

    I believe it’s the organic joint next to Teresa’s, right?

  • ratNYC

    From the picture I think the Organic Cleaner’s is safe, since it is located next to Theresa’s opposite side of the fire. Or so I wish because I have a bunch of shirts there which I dropped off in a rush without getting a receipt…

  • jay

    this breaks my heart. both of those businesses are great neighbors and are run by fantastic people.

    also, did i see bjork out there this morning with her dog looking at the fire?

  • Pierrepont

    If true, the loss of the wine shop would be a real blow. The staff are great guys, and the prices fair. In fact, it may be my favorite retail establishment in the neighborhood. Terrible news!

  • bam

    I live at 68 Montague. Is that building okay?

  • harumph
  • Nelson

    Only the Liquor Store and Laundromat are gone….all else seems fine on the block.

  • Victor

    Wow. I hope both can re-open as soon as possible. Especially the Montague Wine & Spirits. The guys who work there were aweseom…and I always preferred them to Michael Towne…

  • thepol

    This was right next to Theresa’s right? Did that get hit?

    Also, I’m guessing no one got hurt?

  • David

    We saw the entire ordeal from our apt on Hicks and Montague. The fire started in the laundrymat a little before 8:30am and spread quickly to the wine&spirits shop – there was a lot of smoke. Luckily nobody was hurt, but both places were pretty damaged, and I image DWR and the organic laundrymat were affected by water & smoke.

  • CKM

    This is so sad, the people that worked in both of those spots are such great neighbors! I’m sure our laundry is gone but we feel terribly for the loss to both businesses. Two of the few non-chain stores left on Montague!

  • AEB

    This is the second Montague St. laundromat to have a fire. Sorry for all concerned, which is the entire nabe.

  • Danno
  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Here is some video i took after the fact:

  • cat

    Both the laundromat and the wine shop are now roofless. The laundromat looks gutted, and the wine store not much better. I feel so bad for the people who owned these businesses. What a shame for them and the neighborhood.

  • joann

    Is there another laundromat in the area?

  • AEB
  • joann

    thanks AEB…was getting desperate

  • Eileen

    thanks, too, for the laundromat info. I feel badly for the good people at the laundry and the liquor store; will miss them. Right now, I am trying to recall what is in the laundry I dropped off.

  • David

    Eileen: I saw one of the guys run down Hicks St with a cart full laundry bags so maybe they were able to save some clothes. I feel really bad for the wine shop – i don’t think it was even open at the time. I guess we’ll have to go to the Clark St. wine shop now…

  • melanie hope greenberg

    My heart goes out to those who had to wake up today to their store’s destruction. I hardly drink, so I was not a patron of the liquor store. However, I do my laundry at 78 Montague St for over 30 years. (wrote a book about this store). I am shocked and saddened by the loss. Especially for Sherry, the owner, and her husband, two very young children, and her relatives who worked there and various other workers. They busted butt every day, 7 days a week cleaning our clothes. These are hard working folks and community members.