You Should Know Where to Park During Movie Shoot This Week

Sarah Jessica Parker and Greg Kinnear will be in Brooklyn Heights this week shooting I Don’t Know How She Does It. That’s really awesome, especially for cupcake loving shoe fanatics. But for folks who need to park their car somewhere in the neighborhood during the shoot it’s no fun at all.

Here’s the lowdown, move your car TONIGHT (Sunday) by 8pm or you will be towed from the following locations:

  • Willow Street, both sides between Cranberry and Orange
  • Orange Street both sides between Hicks and Willow
  • Cranberry Street both sides between Hicks and Willow
  • Cranberry south side between Hicks and Henry
  • Hicks Street both sides between Cranberry and Orange
  • Middagh Street both sides between Hicks and Henry
  • Henry Street west side between Clark and Cranberry
  • Cadman Plaza West both sides between Poplar and Clark

We’ve also been told that filming will be occur Tuesday on Garden Place and that No Parking signs have been posted there as well.

If you wake up to find your car gone call the NYPD tow unit 212-971-0780 or the movie’s production office at 646-351-1539.

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  • really?

    the main problem i see is that everyone “thinks” the parking is theirs and they own it. it just frustrates you because you believe you own these spaces or are entitled to them. if it was yours , no one else would be parking in them. Your apartment is yours to live in because you own it or rent it. these are public streets. you don’t own them…and it’s frustrating to you all. it’s just funny to hear. and it’s funny to hear how parking, can make you so crazy. if you want to own the parking, go to a garage and own the space, no one is stopping you. Change the way you think, share, love life. It’s funny how parking can bruise egos. it’s silly.

  • AnnOfOrange

    It’s not just about the parking or the pollution from large trucks with generators running all day or the rude people who won’t let you stop your car for a minute in front of your building or the truck parked 24/7 in a No Parking Fire Zone or the sense of entitlement of everyone associated with filming a movie. It is all of this. The only benefit is to the owner of the house who must have been paid handsomely and is on vacation and misses all the noise and other disruption.

  • north heights res

    really? There’s certainly a point to what you say about the streets being public and not ours…of course. But as that is the case, then they shouldn’t be off limits to a private, profit-making company for hours, if not days, on end. No? Not much public in that scenario.

  • bklyn20

    As a car-free individual, much of this is purely academic to me, but the shoot does seem to take up a LOT of parking spaces. And after shoveling out cars, the crew put snow back onto Garden Place (the roadbed) and onto Joralemon between Henry and Hicks (mainly on the sidewalk.) I suppose this is for continuity purposes.

    Angry about all this? Here are some deep pockets for the perfect slip-and-fall lawsuit opportunity! (Kidding, kidding.)

  • really?

    North Heights, thank you for your understanding. I’m playing devils advocate, because I read this blog a lot and hear a lot of chatter but no one does anything to change things. a lot of false promises to call 311 or vote or call the BHA. It’s laughable. these people come in for (3) profit making days. WE as individuals park here for 362 other profit making days (we all make a profit otherwise we wouldn’t live here). Just a lot of crying about nothing. I drive, i have kids, i go around and around. You live in a nice neighborhood that has fancy streets, then expect it to be hard to park. comes with the tree lined streets. If it was easy to park it wouldn’t be as exclusive as it is. Another words, be thankful you can’t park! that is what you want, but you want it your way. Not you as in you North Heights, just making a point.

  • nabeguy

    really, let’s not forget that, along with “these people that come in for (3) profit making days”, there are other productions (some simultaneously) that deprive the residents of not only access to their parking space, but street access as well.

  • mytwocents

    I may be late to this conversation, but it seams to me everyones talking out of both sides of there perverbial mouth on this highly dubious yet trully polerizing issue. The parking issue notwithstanding, let me play devels advacate here…I live on joralamen street. Do you see me complaining about the parking? NO!!

    not even if i drove would you find me siting around throwing stones at those would-be parkers wining about there fatcat cars. when was the last time you though about the environment and stopped to consider the carbin footprint your leaving behind in all that snow??

    so what’s the net net here…does it really mater where peopel park there stupid cars? NO!! Look, I get it: I like movies as much as the next guy, but on the flipside of the coin, lets not look a gifthorse in the mouth. if hollywood comes calling, youd all be cashing in you’re chips bigtime.



    and on and on….

  • HC

    I could care less how much parking space they take up. I pay for parking. Takes a lot of stress out of your life.

  • william

    Under the Bridge,

    Don’t forget the:

    The French Connection
    Trading Places (the gorilla getting shipped back to Africa scene at the end of the movie)

  • David on Middagh

    “I Know Where You Parked Last Summer”

  • Dorothy Daniela Josephs

    The problem is that though the city collects revenue for the use of its streets, Brooklyn Heights is highly used and receives little of the benefit from the film shoots. I find it a great inconvenience for our neighborhood. I will never forget the day I walked out of my “luxury” coop to find a Portajohn for HIS and HERS parked directly in front of my front door, and a big movie trailer parked in the fire zone. These kinds of abuses are outrageous, and I do not love all the many, some awful crap, movies shot in Brooklyn Heights. If we have to put up with the inconvenience, then our neighborhood should receive more benefits for the many shoots done here, but we don’t receive hardly any benefit from it– just rudeness and inconvenience, loss of parking spaces, mess, sidewalks blocked, and the noise of idling trailers, etc. I am not at all star struck, and loathe the whole idea of my neighborhood abused for junky Hollywood Movies, hideous television shows, and crappy commercials. We need less entertainment and more community organizing. Climate change is here and we’d better get serious about what matters and stop being a country that entertains itself TO DEATH!!!!! Mayor Bloomberg loves the revenue the city collects, but practically none of it benefits our neighborhood. We ought to demand a bigger piece of that pie.

  • Jesse

    “Really,” whoever he or she is, is just being a pain-in-the-butt contrarian, and a nonsensical one at that. I won’t even bother responding, since he/she moves the goalposts every time. Nothing anybody says here will be enough.

    So, to add my voice to the crowd of very reasonable complainers: I think it’s understandable that living in a beautiful picturesque neighborhood in a big famous rich city means that people will sometimes want to shoot films here. That’s fine, I don’t really mind. What I do mind is that they’ve completely taken over the hood with no alternate arrangements other than “Call us if you’re towed and we’ll tell you where you are.” How about you take some of the many many millions of dollars you’re spending to make this movie and pay for overnight parking for us. What is it, $30 a night on State Street? Let’s say it’s 100 cars — that’s $3000! You spend twice that on the catering spread and the bagels are stale anyway.

    I don’t know whom to complain to about this: 311, SJP, Homer Fink … all I know is I definitely can’t complain to Really.