You Should Know Where to Park During Movie Shoot This Week

Sarah Jessica Parker and Greg Kinnear will be in Brooklyn Heights this week shooting I Don’t Know How She Does It. That’s really awesome, especially for cupcake loving shoe fanatics. But for folks who need to park their car somewhere in the neighborhood during the shoot it’s no fun at all.

Here’s the lowdown, move your car TONIGHT (Sunday) by 8pm or you will be towed from the following locations:

  • Willow Street, both sides between Cranberry and Orange
  • Orange Street both sides between Hicks and Willow
  • Cranberry Street both sides between Hicks and Willow
  • Cranberry south side between Hicks and Henry
  • Hicks Street both sides between Cranberry and Orange
  • Middagh Street both sides between Hicks and Henry
  • Henry Street west side between Clark and Cranberry
  • Cadman Plaza West both sides between Poplar and Clark

We’ve also been told that filming will be occur Tuesday on Garden Place and that No Parking signs have been posted there as well.

If you wake up to find your car gone call the NYPD tow unit 212-971-0780 or the movie’s production office at 646-351-1539.

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  • BronxKid

    Think you’ve got Middagh wrong. It runs parallel to Clark and Cranberry. Did you mean Middagh between Willow and Henry?

  • annoyed

    The movie people are knowingly and deliberately parking in fire zones. why don’t the same rules apply for them?

  • Homer Fink

    @bk – transcription error!

  • oldtimer

    Annoyed…because they have a permit. easy. easy.

  • north heights res

    Came home this evening from visiting my parents at around 5:30. I knew it would be bad, but had no idea it would be THIS bad.

    I know: it’s entitled to think that I should be able to park my car on the street for free. But them’s the rules, and for the city or the neighborhood or whoever approves these things to permit this many streets to be off-limits, simultaneously, for three consecutive days, with all of this snow still around, is just outrageous and inconsiderate: for car owners, yes, but also for pedestrians and residents and people who drive to and through this neighborhood for work.

  • Arch Stanton

    It’s an outrage, hoging up so many parking spaces for such nonsense… There needs to be limits put on film permits.

  • really?

    here we go….north heights. yes it’s entitled. BAD is when you don’t own a car and have to go to work and walk through the forest for miles like abraham lincoln. being able to eventually park and write an annoyed email is entitled. If the movie is good, people will remember it, including you. you’ll forget about the parking, and no one will know about it. Inconvenience yes, a horror, no. Everyone should take a moment and breath through your vinyasa….in…out…in…out…

    someone who doesn’t want to perpetuate the stereotype of Brooklyn heights residents.

  • annoyed

    Really? – What’s wrong with speaking out about safety & fairness?

  • really?

    Honestly Annoyed, A Safety discussion is great, fairness ehh, nothing is fair. Get the laws changed, standup! When you get the parking permit law on the ballot, come back, and we will all vote. Until then it sounds…annoying. Lets not fight. lets enjoy a glimpse of SJP!

  • Historian

    A great history of movies that were shot in the Heights. Woody Allen, Sydney Pollock, John Huston, the Coen Bros…have all shot here.

  • really?

    yes. I agree. we all love the movies that have been shot here, and talking about them when relatives or friends visit. Scorsese and more.

    no one remembers the parking.

  • annoyed

    i have no problem with them filming here. They’re free to film here all they want. They’re also free to compete for parking like everyone else and if they park in fire zones they should be towed – just like everyone else.

  • Parkingavenger

    Really, you are the one who must really have a stick up the butt, you’re complaining about someone complaining? NH, AS and Annoyed all have valid points. This is way too many cars to displace for too long. It is a intrusion into many peoples lives for the commercial gain of a few spoiled Hollywood brats… Who the F**k cares if Skankhole Jessica Parker is in the hood.

    By the way you got it backwards; judging from the cast and the title, the movie is going to some suck ass chixflick that will bomb big time. it will be forgotten.

    Perhaps you are a shill for the production company.

    I urge everyone, call 311, email the mayor and let be known your displeasure on his matter.


    I am with Avenger (pls hold the obscenities) when it comes to valuing movie making in the nabe as some kind of vicarious cheap thrill. They are using our hardware for free, or for some paltry sum compared to reproducing city streets at Steiner Studios.
    Some of us do not like to used this way, even for a mess of pottage.
    The city is supposed to meter out these privileges so that movie makers do not tie up hundreds of valuable and irreplaceable parking spaces on a single day.
    Question for the BHA, et all, there a limit? What is the limit? No limit? Then, for God’s sake, let’s get one set.
    Heights’ electeds….are you listening??

  • x

    They should use the nearby Steiner Studios instead!

  • Val

    That’s basically the whole neighborhood. Including both sides of some streets that only have single side parking. Ridiculous!

  • WillowtownCop

    I’ve seen cars parked with boots put on by the owners so no one can steal their rims. If everyone put one boot on one back tire they would need flat beds for every single car. They couldn’t possibly tow 50 cars on flatbeds in time to make their stupid movie. You might get a ticket but it would cost them a lot more money and send a clear message about what we won’t tolerate in this neighborhood.

  • north heights res

    Really? and others…I could care less about the movies that are made in this neighborhood; I don’t get any particular kick out of seeing where I live on the screen, or of seeing celebrities in my neighborhood. Not criticizing those who do…just saying that those things are not, to me, benefits of the current situation.

    In fact, I do find it offensive that our neighborhood is taken over, with no tangible benefits to residents and visitors, so that already-rich actors and producers and directors can get richer. It’s not as though they’re contributing some good to the world; just lining their own pockets, at great inconvenience and disruption, and, arguably, expense to our neighborhood.

    You need a few streets? Fine. Mildly annoying, but manageable. This situation does not feel manageable, and I agree with those suggesting that we make our displeasure known. Anyone know whom we should call?

  • AEB

    As a condition of using the streets, the movie brigade should have to remove all residual snow and still-there garbage from them. I mean, fair’s fair.

    (They should also have to open and maintain an excellent restaurant that serves great moderately priced food and that also facilitates sexual transactions among those present. Which of course means that diners will have to be imported from other nabes, like Rio….)

  • Winstion Smith

    @ willowtown, Great idea, however, not too realistic. I doubt many people are going to go out and buy boots for their cars. Where does one buy a boot anyway?
    I say we all meet tomorrow and drive our cars very slowly around the block they are filming on. people on foot could also join in constantly walking through their set. They have no authority to prevent you from walking or driving on public streets or sidewalks, they can only ask for your cooperation. They love to act all official and tell you to stop and wait a minute while they shoot the take… just walk past them, they’ll have to stop the cameras “CUT”

  • really?

    i feel sick….”the snow” “the parking” “the outrage” “the bad bad movie people” …I have an idea, park your car far far away so you crazy people have to walk, get some exercise, get that heart rate up a little, and take a moment to think about your lives. we are lucky to live here, we are lucky to have cars. Do you want me to talk about the people who walk and see your cars polluting OUR AIR. It’s childish. And no I don’t work for the company or whatever you think. Im a resident who likes the neighborhood like you. but i also enjoy watching films even if the “suck”. I’m sickened. Absolutely sickened. disturbed. When trucks make deliveries all day in the neighborhood it’s what they do. Should they be allowed to double park? It’s silly. Men and women have to work. good luck. Godbless.

  • Buddy Holly

    Let’s call in the choppers, and let them hover over the filming site for a few hours….

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Anyone know a marching band?

  • annoyed

    Really? – first of all I exercise 6 times a week. Second of all havign hundreds of cars circle the neighborhood while the movie personnel cars idle needlessly is what’s bad for the environment. Finally, while you may object to double parking, at least they are subject to some enforcement rather than privledge and endorsement. The movie people can work without being given special deals.

  • Fritz

    They tow your car somewhere and leave it ticket free for the duration. Usually in what would otherwise be an illegal space. What’s the problem? Better to park in the tow zone than search for a legal space before they tow. How do you find out where it was towed too?

  • nabeguy

    FYI, when I left for work this morning, the signs on Middagh between Henry and Hicks were no longer up. I guess they were too afraid to mess with the teachers union.

  • Buddy Holly

    Nobody wants detention.

  • Robyn

    The more “really?” talks the more I think he/she works for the producer/company as their PR person. Of course he/she may coincidently be a BH resident.

    I do believe something must be done about this constant filming in the area. They should at least provide garage vouchers to the owners of the cars parked on the streets where they are filming.

    May be we should all call the borough councilman or congressmen (you think they are played off?) to put an end to these constant disruptions in the hood?!

  • eatfood

    really?, car pollution? what is this, 1995? who complains about that anymore? also, i dont care about sarah jessica parker. she’s unattractive and is not the best actress. the only redeeming quality about her is that she’s married to matthew broderick AKA ferris friggin bueller.

    parking in the heights has gotten significantly worse since the garage on love lane has closed, and i dont care if dont like us complaining. we have a right to. that being said, i plan to walk by the movie sets and fix myself a plate of their fine catered food. if they try to stop me, im going to let them know that they are taking away my parking. fair’s fair, right?

  • william

    Isn’t there some empty space inside the Brooklyn Bridge anchorages? Let’s use that for parking. It isn’t being used for anything. Or use some the former Witness property for indoor parking. Make some money, and get some parking.