Alternate Side Parking Resumes Monday

According to Notify NYC, the City DOT and DOS have announced that alternate side parking rules will be back in effect starting Monday, “to facilitate street cleaning and snow clearing operations.” Funny, that was the reason given for having suspended them. But, everything has its time, as a song from 1965 reminds us (video after the jump).

And, yes, following the song’s logic, little rectangular sunglasses may come back, too.

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  • Doug Biviano

    Unless the city truly makes an attempt to clear the streets in every neighborhood, I believe this places undue hardship on our citizens, especially seniors with cars parked on the streets.

    Last I checked, there were 4 ft. high piles of very dense snow on the street and an icy base.

    In fact, not even 40 minutes ago, myself and a posse of four young men (one guy in a suit) helped push a car out of a spot on Columbia Heights with a 6 to 12 inch ice base.

    I hope this is not just about the loss of revenue from parking violations.

  • john henry

    Duh, aren’t we supposed to have another big snow storm next week? Good luck moving your cars.

  • cat

    The DOT and the DOS are delusional when it comes to snow.

  • Sticky

    Middagh is still a horror show. Very bad showing for NYC in how they “cleaned” the heights.

  • chriss

    the city is loosing $$$$ ,maybe they should cut welfare instead
    how the hell people will dig out their cars from the ice and snow ??? and where will they park their cars you morons ,make money on something else !

  • john henry

    The city needs to cut 3-term Bloomberg and his band of appointed fools.

  • RonR

    They got to be kidding???
    The streets in the Heights are an icy mess…The city can’t wait to get thier roving shark-like predatory traffic agents & enforcement trucks back on the streets making unfair ill-gotten revenue & misery for th citizens….F%^k them!

  • Ari

    I’d like to offer a different perspective on this.

    As a car owning resident of the neighborhood, I am actually pretty shocked the ASP was suspended for this long.

    More specifically, I’m a car owning resident who actually uses their car on a daily basis (commuting to a job within the boro).

    Parking situation is horrible presently. A lot of people haven’t move their cars at all. I am of the opinion that the streets’ use is not a personal parking lot for residents. Furthermore, what is the point of owning a car in Brooklyn that you don’t even use for 12 days straight!?

    It’s difficult and frustrating to have to look for parking every day/night and see that a) so many cars haven’t moved in nearly 2 weeks and b) so much snow still blocking many areas that would be parking viable spots.

    They need to plow the entire street and remove all of the snow, now that the weather warmed up for a bit and the rain loosened the snow, the city needs to do it’s duty and completely clear the streets.

    I really do not see this as a move by the city to generate revenues by ticketing folks who are unwilling to move their cars. They are actually trying to do a good service to the entire community by attempting to finally remove all of the snow from our streets. (Plus they suspended meter’s for over a week, that is unheard of).

    You’ve have had 12 days to clean your car, this complaining is really ridiculous.

  • ABC

    I’m with Ari. Moving cars is what breaks up the ice. And how can they plow if nobody moves their cars? AND when parking is suspended people still use the “okay” side (Like Wednesday side on the “no parking except for Wednesday” side) which means cars on both side of already too-narrow streets and no way for trucks to get around so they just blow their horns all day long. Argh.

    If you can’t get around to clearing off your car, you shouldn’t have a car. I say this as a person who does have a car.

    Also, it’s warm out now!

  • north heights res

    As someone who hasn’t moved her car since regs have been suspended, of course, I’m kind of bummed that I need to start the routine again. But: I can’t really argue that they’re back in effect tomorrow, and I’m just hopeful that yesterday’s rain and today’s warmer temps have done away with the last little bit of snow around my car.

    It is kind of a problem, when the cars are buried, to figure out where to shovel the snow to move the car – you can’t put it on the sidewalk, obviously; you get yelled at for putting it back in the street; and it’s not terribly neighborly to toss it near someone else’s car.

    But like I said, we’ve been off the hook for a while; back to the real world. At least until Thursday, when it’s supposed to snow again.

  • Y

    What I really want to know is where the church goers on Henry have been parking on Sundays during the last couple of weeks. Have they actually found legal spots? Or did they just miss service and are now going somewhere else than heaven?

  • john henry

    Maybe someone can take a video of the snow plows trying to break the 4′ piles of ice/snow. It should be interesting.

  • David on Middagh

    @north heights res: I’m wondering who has yelled at you for shoveling snow into the street? These forty-degree days are perfect for that (as a friend pointed out to me). The passing traffic will spread the snow & carry it away.

  • north heights res

    David: folks who live nearby and various police enforcement types: officers and traffic cops.

    Fortunately, I cruised by my car today and the last two days have taken care of everything…car is perfectly clean and accessible. Thank you, weather, for sparing me neighborly ignominy.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    It is always best to dig the car out as soon as possible, even if you don’t have to move it. However, The logic of the city is always suspect; I doubt they will actually plow the vacated sides of the streets…. Let’s see…

  • Remsen

    I guess that if the city actually plows some additional snow with the cars cleared away, then it makes sense. If the snow is not touched, then the suspension is ridiculous….

  • joe

    yeah well regulations in effect and guess what? they didn’t plow the snow mounts down in my neighborhood, or street clean or pick up trash. just ticketed people.

  • Lisa

    Tuesday, Feb 8th. Alternate side resumed on Henry St. Today. No sign the snow is still on the Tuesday side. Did the plow not come? Did the people not move the cars? There aren’t any tickets on the cars so owners must have been standing guard. What is going on? Why won’t my Mayor help me?