Friends With Kids Filming with Ed Burns (no Jon Hamm?)

The red BHB phone rang a little while ago with my marching orders: go cover Friends With Kids and “Get Jon Hamm!” So march I did, single-file across that path on Henry St. that won’t be clear of snow until July.

I didn’t see Jon Hamm, but I did capture a surprise guest star—Ed Burns (below, right), who was shooting a scene with director (and Hamm girlfriend) Jennifer Westfeldt. Ed Burns, the indie heartthrob from my college days, melted my frozen heart that grew icier with each PA that told me to step aside. I’m sure he’s asking himself who was that strange yet intriguing girl lurking around the set. Yep, that was me! And if you don’t mind Ed, could you help finance my accent documentary?

Although Ed Burns is not listed on IMDB as being in the movie, a freezing yet helpful PA assured me that yes, this was the right star in the right movie. More pics after the jump. And if someone out there does have Jon Hamm shots from tonight, let us know.

The glamour of showbiz.

The director, Jennifer Westfeldt, is the blonde with the hat.

The two actors film their scene.

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  • Ellen

    Jon Hamm is in LA for the week end so he won’t be filming before Monday.

  • Alanna

    I want to see Jon Hamm!! You sure he’s not here all weekend :(?