84th Precinct Police Blotter 12/22/10

Ho! Ho! Holdups! On the week where an imaginary (?) man is celebrated for committing over 1 billion B&Es in one night, we give you another Police Blotter.
Our Heather Quinlan is still “on assignment” so your humble publisher once again is combing the local papers for skell activity.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that a piece of meat with two eyes wielding a pistol held up a woman entering a C train at the High Street subway station on December 14. The evildoer sat next to the vic, flashed his roscoe and demanded she hand over her iPhone. He got off at the next stop. Let’s just hope there’a an “app” for catching this lowlife soon.

And speaking of lowlifes, one “busted” three doors in at First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street December 13 and made off with two DVD players.

And this tidbit via the Brooklyn Eagle about a crime in lovely Downtown Brooklyn:

A woman who didn’t like what she heard allegedly beat a man with a juice bottle after a brief dispute at the Boost Mobile store on Fulton Street near the Flatbush Avenue Extension. The 41-year-old victim sustained cuts to his nose and mouth during the fight on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Police arrested 32-year-old Claudia Smith.

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  • AL


    What time of day did the C train hold-up & 1st Presby break-in take place?

    Was the victim at Boost Mobile an employee there?


  • GHB

    At least Heather knows where to find the humor in the crime reports. Planet Fitness locker break-ins, bags being lifted at Macy’s when they were only left “for a minute”, but there’s absolutely nothing funny about being held up at gunpoint!.