New Neighbors: Web Guy, Photographer and NYSE Honcho


Blockshopper reports that we’ve got some new neighbors!

Evan Minskoff (@evanminskoff), VP/Marketing at and photographer David Needleman bought a coop at 66 Pierrepont Street on November 10.

Also, Danylo S. Rakowsky, a principal analyst at the New York Stock Exchange, has purchased an apartment at 2 Grace Court.

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  • Peter

    Who Cares !

  • Heightsman

    Are you serious with this post? Honchos….maybe in the small fish tank they swim in…..look around a little harder if you want to see real movers and shakers in Brooklyn Heights. Next.

  • x

    not news worthy to be honest.

    I think these people want some personal privacy as well.

  • tb

    Um.. Homer? There’s NOTHING else you can find to post about?

  • Teddy

    I agree with the privacy issue as “x” mentioned.

  • David G

    Great, more old rich white guys.

  • harumph

    O.M.G – I might have to stop reading this blog now.

  • Y

    Yeah, some new neighbors. What establishments to they frequent? Do they have cool friends coming over to the hood? Do they shop at Keyfood or Gristedes? Have they already been to Armados? What do they think about BBP? Any likes or dislikes for the BHA? How much did they pay for their coops? Opposing Dock Street?

    Please, please do an in-depth interview with them ASAP so that we all are in the loop what is on their mind and we can chat about them more.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    A gay Jewish couple moves in; stop the presses.

  • Tony

    This just in: Tony just brushed his teeth and realized he mistakenly bought baking-soda toothpaste. Details at 11.

  • Homer Fink

    I knew I could count on you guys for some entertainment. That Blockshopper site has me scratchin’ my head as well. Thanks for the vibe check.

  • T.K. Small

    Apart from being ridiculous, blockshopper doesn’t even get the facts straight. I am pretty sure that 2 Grace Court is a co-op and not a condo.

  • nabeguy

    T.K. talking about straight facts, did you happen to notice the picture of the seller “Mr.” Kiehn?

  • x

    That blockshopper site makes me feel very uncomfortable, seeing someone posting about people’s names, livelihoods, and most importantly where they live.

    I see a recipe for disaster. And all it takes is a lunatic or two….

  • T.K. Small

    Hey, they were only off by 50%,.

  • Homer Fink

    @x – now we’re getting somewhere. The information is public record. There’s nothing wrong with doing a story based on something in the public record, which is what Blockshopper attempts. But the result more WTF than anything else.

  • FOIL Away!

    So maybe Blockshopper should do a story on all of us here, media kingpins included, notwithstanding our pseudonyms and acronyms, based on the public info. Interesting argument to make by someone who previously sought relief from media scrutiny. While legally true, i.e. if it is in the public record if must be ok to publish, it is not always appropriate. If your child’s info is publicly available–should that be published on a blog?

    And, by the way, this blog still hasn’t published detailed info on the now deceased shooting victim from Clark St. That’s publc info.

    Taking random people and publicizing them for no good reason other than the info is there doesn’t seem appropriate in this instance anymore than giving info about your kid, which you’ve appropriately shielded from this site (BTW, I hope you’re getting more sleep these days).

    And, Blockshopper works from faulty public info–real property and/or condos have more info available on ACRIS, but coop info is murky and often hidden due to the vagaries of public reporting and tax requirements. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • Tb

    Homer..thanks for the new way to cyber stalk my friends!

  • lori

    WOW – so much hate – and this time of year – why don’t y’all just send Homer some news you consider more blog-worthy?

  • Tb

    Hate is a strong word Lori….one that I reserve for my friends who were able to pay 2.5 mil for that 3 bed on Remsen ; )

  • Andrew Porter

    I wonder if the couple who bought the apartment were Out to their co-workers and the public. If not, they are now. Homer, this was definitely not a good post.