Open Thread Wednesday 12/22/10

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Winter Solstice over 200 Clinton Street © Tom Callan, 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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  • T.K. Small

    It feels good to be first!

  • lise

    Haven’t heard from friends in Denmark about the snow storms, I feel lucky we are not buried in snow. Happy Holidays.

  • lois

    Fantastic picture! But what else would you expect from Tom Callan?

  • AEB

    And what to my wondering eyes did appear when I left my house yesterday on Hicks near Middagh,directly in front of my door? One of those four-feet-high periodical dispensers in all its ugly bright blue plastic loathsomeness.

    The periodical on offer (“free”!”) was some sort of “for parents” thing. The position of the dispenser was obviously reckoned because of the nearby school.

    My question is, are these things licensed to appear where they do, or do “media marketers” just drop them off, hoping that no one will care about them? Surely they don’t belong in my or any land-marked nabe.

  • Reggie

    The first amendment at work; little regulation, AEB. When an L Magazine box arrived one day in front of my previous apartment (I lived over a restaurant.), the guys from the sanitation department looked the other way when I flipped it into the back of the truck. Exercising a little free speech myself, that’s all.

  • BG

    @AEB, why not place it atop that trash can the crossing guard is so fond of moving?

  • Peter

    Happy Holiday people of BHB !

  • AEB

    Reggie, yes, I’ve already exercised my free-speech option.

    BG, an EXCELLENT idea, to keep in mind–thanks! She and I now avoid one another very…ostentatiously.

  • George Earl

    While having a fine haircut in the Heights this morning, my barber asked me, “Can you remember the Heights when it was truly nice? I mean, before those kids got in?” I replied, “Well, yes, but when I arrived back in 1962 I was already making comments about how many Victorian era houses had already been torn down for those Cadman Plaza structures.” What’s it gonna look like fifty years from 2010?

  • Peter

    Imposter Peter above, stop using my username! :)

  • David Fuller

    Thank you, BHB, for posting the news of the creation of the not-for-profit Theater 2020 “Visions for a New Millennium.” We love our neighborhood and hope to make a positive impact through the Arts! Happy Holidays!! -David

  • Catie W

    A day late, but, what’s the to-go rate for holiday tipping? We’ve lived in the building (approx 90 units) just about a year. We’ve got a super who responded to our 1 request more than a month later, but is good about general building maintenance, plus 2 front-desk folks who I really like.

  • Mickey

    Catie: In my building we collect for a staff of 12 (the money is pooled and distributed evenly). The suggested donation to the pool is 10% of one month’s maintenance. So for a staff of three that would work out to just 2.5% of a month’s maintenance to split between them. I don’t know if that helps you, but it’s one example of what’s going on.

  • Nate

    What’s the story with the daycare at 109 Joralemon between Henry and Hicks. Surely they’re not allowed to put a big sign on the basement advertising the daycare–that block is entirely residential…

  • eg

    The local movie house, Bklyn Heights Cinema does not provide much heat during the cold days of winter. When I did ask if she turned it on, she assured me she had, After the movie, where I had to keep on my down coat and gloves, her response was not enough people to supply body heat. Another movie-goer said that she was going to phone 311. I don’t want to shut down the theater but it’s so uncomfortable.

    Any ideas?

  • Peter

    sorry Peter I will change my name ASAP ! LOL

  • Monty

    @George, “those kids” have been ruining neighborhoods all over the world for many years now. I’m guessing your barber is talking about the dorms on Clark. Probably annoying if you live right there, but I feel like I never see them any place other than the train station or smoking in front of their building.

  • PJL

    Back when there was a welfare hotel instead of a dorm? Ah, the good old days….

  • bklyn20

    Actually, that block of Joralemon has at least a few doctors on the lower levels of the brownstones. Their signs are usually smaller, though.

  • CatieW

    Mickey – thanks! We rent, but I can estimate the maintenance, and thinking of it as a % across the months helped. Thanks.

    Also, thanks for the cinema heads-up. I was planning to go tomorrow, but might wait until next week to see if it gets better.

  • beth

    Woke up this morning at 5:30am to my favorite barking dog! Turns out the dog that has been waking me from slumber is actually being walked. She likes to go right past my window every morning and let the dog bark bark bark. I am a few more mornings away from turning into one of those crazy people who yells out their window… but don’t know what else I can do. Again, I know dogs back but COME ON.

  • nabeguy

    beth, try putting this in your window:

  • Vicky

    I saw a movie at Brooklyn Heights Cinema last night and the temperature was just fine. Guess maybe the other night was a fluke.

  • NYClady

    Are there any good alternatives to Eastern Athletic Club in the northern Heights? I’ve belonged to EAC for about 15 years for no reason other than it’s so close. I’m on an automatic payment plan and hadn’t been paying much attention to the monthly fee, but recently noticed that it’s now up to $120! Since I work long hours in Manhattan, the only time I get to go is weekends and holidays, and the place is closed on holidays. I use it only for cardio machines. I really need a more reasonably priced alternative.

  • Andrew Porter

    NYCLady, try watching infomercials for cardio machines. There are also those places on Court Street, which show up with alarming frequency in the 84th Precinct Police Blotter.

  • JR

    Hey Folks…..if anyone is going to the Grand Army Plaza area tonight (12/27/2010), be careful. My roommate (who’s a pretty big guy) was just mugged walking up the steps at the Grand Army Plaza subway station. A man posing as homeless guy asked my roommate for change. When my friend kept walking, a second guy approached and said, “You’re not going to answer my boy?”…..and then hit my roommate on the head with the butt of a knife, and told him to hand over his jacket (25 degrees outside, day after blizzard). My roommate is okay and reported the incident. Stay alert.

  • Salerno

    Can anyone give me feedback on your birthing experience at LI College Hospital??? I’m switching practitioners and am interested in finding out your opinion!

  • Eddy de Lectron


    Yes, some have mede it out alive…