BHB One Year Ago: It’s a Play…In YOUR Apartment!

One year ago this week BHB attended The Sublet Experiment a play staged in someone’s apartment:

The piece itself, while a little long, is quite entertaining. The entire cast is solid, but the breakout performance here is by the very likeable Christian Maurice (pictured) as “A Man” who a much needed energy injection midway through the show.

The true triumph of Experiment is not in the play itself, but in the medium it champions. Others have compared this staging concept to be the “Youtube of theater” and they’re right.  In the intimate setting of someone’s apartment with an audience of 20 or less, live theater becomes a completely different and new experience. The legacy of the show is not in its writing, but in the fact that we can’t wait for the next play coming to a living room near us.

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