Still Standing: Mansion House Elm

Proving that man is ephemeral but trees are eternal, the Mansion House American elm tree which had faced the axe last summer blooms for another season at 145 Hicks Street.

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  • Anon.

    Yes, lets cut down every last tree in Brooklyn. They are nothing but a nuisance. They block out the sun, block my view, block my security camera, block the easiest route for an electrical conduit. And, they’re out to get us. They loom over us like they’re ready to strike. Let’s just cut’em all down.
    I’m not serious of course, but this seems to be the attitude of many people…especially co-op managers here in Brooklyn.
    Of course trees do block out the sun, also know as shade. They don’t block the view, they ARE the view. Sometimes they do block security cameras and electrical conduits, but sometimes you just have to work around it.
    Life isn’t easy being green…a green tree in Brooklyn.

    PS:Recently I came across this astounding list of benefits we get from trees.