Barkin Coming to Heights for Film

Signs were posted all over Brooklyn Heights this weekend announcing the filming of Brooklyn’s Finest an upcoming motion picture starring Ellen Barkin, Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle. The poster claims that the filmmakers are looking to shoot in a Brooklyn Heights apartment and it COULD BE YOURS. Filming will take place for “a few days” in May, June or July. Interested parties are asked to call 917-671-9400. Our favorite line on the flier: “The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua and tells the story of three disenfranchised New York City police officiers whoselives become entwined as they each discover what it means to ‘protect and serve.'”

Lookie Lous hoping to see sparks fly between nabe thesp Gabriel Byrne and ex-wife Barkin will be disappointed. The former couple, who divorced in 1999, are said to get along just fine with Byrne living here to be closer to their two children. Barkin later married Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman. Their divorce hasn’t been as friendly.

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  • bhbabe

    Homer, dude, Ethan Hawke & Richard Gere are there, and your headline is about Ellen Barkin?? C’mon, man :)

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Madame Babe, Mr. Fink knows the Ms. Barkin is one spicy number. Hawke is an acting novelist and Gere – well – need I say?

  • Andrew Porter

    …and Ellen Barkin starred as the love interest in the bizarre “Buckaroo Banzai” with a lot of other young but soon to be famous actors. Sparks flew — literally — when they kissed. And who can forget her other films, including the one where she played a reincarnated man?

  • statestreeter

    The sign also promises Wesley Snipes. It will be a convenient shoot for him as he can pick up a bail bond on Atlantic Avenue before heading to the set.

  • pete

    they scouted my place. they’re looking for richard gere’s apartment in the movie. shooting will take place sometime in July.