Citibank Construction to End … Eventually

Before depositing a couple checks this morning, I took the opportunity to ask the question that’s been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Not “When is Heather Quinlan’s birthday?” (answer: Tuesday) but “When will construction finally be finished in front of Citibank?”

A bank employee told me Citibank leases the space but they had no idea when construction would end; apparently the bank manager gets asked about it nearly every day. I then asked the foreman who did not want to be named; he told me they’d had about two weeks’ delay because of the rain but they should be finished in two weeks. When I asked him to confirm, he said, “Maybe more like the end of October. You should call the management company.” He didn’t know the management company’s name, though I found out through Property Shark that it’s FGP 90 West St., LLC.; however, the number listed is no longer working.

So there you have it—two weeks or the end of October. Hopefully the path will be cleared in time for the 31st and you trick-or-treating devils, though I’d almost bet the house they’ll still be pouring concrete on All Saints’ Day.

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  • Clintonious Wow

    I know this is “Brooklyn Heights Blog” but when you say “Citibank,” where exactly do you mean? I can guess the neighborhood due to the blog’s title, but how about a street name so we can narrow it down?

  • Claude Scales

    CW: It’s the one with the sidewalk in front barricaded, a temporary walkway extending out into the street, and a ramp leading to the door.

    There is only one Citibank in Brooklyn Heights. It’s on Montague between Clinton and Court.

  • TK Small

    Also, for more specificity, Citibank is on the north side of the street and sits immediately adjacent to the Chase Bank which is west.

    Apart from my snarky comment, I think people should call 311. The sidewalk has been obstructed for an awfully long time.

  • nabeguy

    Clintonius, you don’t happen to work for the contractor that’s trying to complete this project, do you? They can’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on either.

  • davoyager

    sure, If this were 86th and Broadway would it have lasted this long? Some legal monkey wrench, they need a kick in the p 311. It’s ridiculous.