Open Thread Weekend 9/17/10

Flickr photo by westsideguy

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  • student

    Is someone doing fireworks tonight? Otherwise what are those horrid explosive noises I am hearing?

  • alanna

    what the hell is going off right now in Brooklyn heights?!?!

  • Homer Fink
  • Jorale-man

    See the new thread. I know, nice to look at but if you don’t have a direct view, kind of awful…

  • GHB

    I have no doubt that Hope For The Warriors is a fine organization, but to plan a fireworks display, in NYC, on Yom Kippur is a @#&in’ disgrace!

  • judy

    Does anyone know the reason why all those fire trucks passed the BQE tonight?

  • brooklyn

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a great yoga class in the area?

  • BHer

    So what’s up with the return of all the helicopters?!

  • paul

    anyone recommend a good cleaning company, for a one-time apartment cleaning in the neighborhood?

  • Eddy de Lectron


    This company is excellent.

    NY Little Elves 212-674-2629

  • Montragrue

    Cross posting link for a recent comment intended for AEB:

  • AMY

    I’m looking for a vacation rental for my family of 4 for Nov 6-15. Anyone know of a place? THANKS!

  • melanie hope greenberg

    @ Montragrue. Got a Google Alert. Thanks for all the free publicity. Next time I see Arthur around the hood I’ll introduce myself.

  • AEB

    Please do, Melanie. No hard feelings I hope. By the way, here’s what I look like, so you can recognize me: