Brownstoner: Dudes in Suits at 20 Henry Means Reboot?

Brownstoner speculates about work at 20 Henry Street restarting:

Brownstoner: 20 Henry—the high-end residential conversion in Brooklyn Heights—has been on ice since early last year when money and legal problems brought the renovation work to a halt. We’re starting to wonder if the 38-unit project might be on the verge of gearing back up though. A couple of weeks ago a tipster told us as much, and then yesterday morning we spotted a handful of well-groomed suits meeting up outside the entrance of the old Peaks Mason Mints building. Perhaps the bean counters at the banks are feeling that sales comps in the neighborhood are strong enough to warrant taking another shot.

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  • David on Middagh

    It’s a crime against real estate that so many were evicted only to have the building stand empty.