Tornado Claims Sidney Place Tree Limb

BHB reader “Chris” sent in this photo of a tree limb downed on Sidney Place after last night’s storm.

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  • Mike

    “Tornado Claims Sidney Place Tree Limb”….really?

  • The Where

    Mike allow me to deconstruct what Homer is doing here. Over the years extreme weather coverage has consumed mainstream media to the point to of hysteria and hyperbole. This headline and photo are a commentary on that. You see, Mike, that fallen branch is minor compared to damage in other parts of the city and in major storms like Katrina.

  • Danya

    What? I’m not sure if I understand this post but I certainly don’t understand your comment, The Where. I actually just moved from Brooklyn Heights to Forest Hills, and after witnessing the destruction there, you’d see there was nothing hysterical or hyperbolic about the way the storm was reported. In fact, you seem to sort of acknowledge as such by saying there was more significant damage in other parts of the city. So how is there any “commentary” to be made?

    And is that what you meant anyway, Homer?

  • The Where

    I think we can agree that Mike’s comment is stupid.

  • pierrepont

    I have to agree with the skeptics. While there was significant roation in that storm that was plainly visible on radar, I have yet to see reports of cyclonic wind damage, or of a funnel sighting. As someone who grew up in northeast Ohio, I can tell you, without those, it’s just a bad mesoscale thunderstorm. And one tree limb down does not a tornado make.

    Add in the blazing, record heat of this past summer, and I would wager plenty of tree limbs are ready to give way across the city. All you need is a breeze.

    NWS will issue a report today or tomorrow. Only then, will I believe this was as-billed above.

  • Robyn

    I don’t think it is stupid – just his point o view. Stupid is to make such a big deal out of nothing. Perhaps, that is what he was trying to convey in his comment.

  • GHB

    Compared to Park Slope, Prospect Hts. and Clinton Hill, we made out alright.

  • Mike

    I don’t think so, The Where. While there may be a hint of weather hysteria commentary there (and keep in mind that at least one person was killed last night) this blog has always paid particular attention to major and minor quality of life issues in the neighborhood, including the state of our sidewalks and trees, and that’s one of the reasons we love it. Whatever the intended message I just thought it was funny that a tree limb got a whole post. Calm down.

  • Lou

    Won’t someone think of the childlimbs?!

  • NotatHome

    Can someone tell me what, if anything, happened on Henry Street near the CVS in Brooklyn Heights? I’m out of the country and would love to know if I might have damage to my apartment/street. Thanks! And BTW, I love the headline!

  • Arch Stanton

    @ pierrepont, Do we really need the government to tell us the obvious? watch the news, see the roofs ripped of of buildings, swaths mature trees uprooted or snapped in two and other damage that is beyond a thunderstorm….

  • Claude Scales

    NotatHome: I checked the area around CVS on Henry–no damage. The Heights got off lightly compared to parts of Park Slope and Queens.