Open Thread Wednesday 2/27/08

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So, did you go to the BHA Annual Meeting last night? Whaddya think?


Save the Lobster…. continues.

League Treatment Center may take over Poplar Precinct. Good? 

…and whatever else is on your mind. 

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  • Tim N.

    Continuing with the crime thingee… our board got this letter earlier this week, thought it might be of interest:
    The 84th Precinct has asked us to send out this cautionary message to warn everyone about a recent rash of burglaries in the Heights. They ask that you lock all doors leading to the outside, to put alarms on roof hatches and to keep windows locked, especially on the top floor, next to fire escapes.

    This is being stressed because the burglary pattern has involved top floor apartments, during the daytime. The thieves (or thief) gained access to apartment buildings through front doors – finding them either unlocked or by being buzzed in. They’ve gained access to the roofs, finding roof hatches unlocked as required in case of fire, and have used fire escapes to go through unlocked top floor windows.

    Buildings undergoing any type of renovation are more vulnerable due to the potential for their doors to be left open, or because the presence of outsiders permits thieves to blend in.

    Items stolen are the easily carried valuables like money, jewelry, small electronics, laptops etc.

    You will see an increased police presence — especially in the North Heights where the four burglaries we were told about occurred (Columbia Heights, Orange Street, Willow Street).

    It is surprising to think that anyone leaves a door or window unlocked but this has been the pattern and it concerns the police because the crimes are preventable. They advise that roof doors should have at least a simple noise alarm that will go off when they’re opened.

    Note: The 84th has a Crime Prevention Officer who will survey your house or apartment and advise you about appropriate and low cost security measures. To make an appointment, call 718-875-6363.

  • Tim N.

    Also, wanted to ask again:

    Does anyone know what’s the story with 192 CH? The townhouse that’s been padlocked and looking like the house George Bailey moved into for something like the last ten years or so? I did a google and it appears to have an owner, but I’m just curious what the word on the street from some of you nabe regulars might be. Thanks.

  • ABC

    Ssssssssssh, don’t talk about that house. It’s my secret plan to somehow convince the owners to sell it to me for 150,000. CASH MONEY! How can they resist?

    (isn’t that everyone’s secret plan when they walk by that house?)

  • cranberry

    I used to live next door. According to an old timer it is owned by a doctor who lives on Henry Street. About 15 years ago there was a divorce and the house got caught up in some legal matters. Apparently the guy tried at one point to sell it for 10 million but was unsuccessful, and it’s just been sitting there for all these years. The whole house is filled with furniture, clothes, books…everything. they just up and left. It’s like a 5000 square foot storage facility.

  • cranberry

    The house in question is actually 194 Columbia Heights not 192. According to my research the owner is Dr. Austin Moore. He practices psychiatry at 123 Henry St. and I believe lives there as well.

  • GHB

    The front door’s been padlocked for at least as long as I’ve been nearby…almost 10 years. So I don’t think anyone (other than rats) is living there.

  • statestreeter

    ABC, been there, done that!

  • Tim N.

    ABC: Of course that’s my secret plan, that’s why I’m asking!

    (Kidding… sort of…)

    We’ve been here twelve and it’s been locked since we got here.

    Thanks for the info, everyone… I’m actually hoping that something happens to it at some point, the place is starting to look a little spooky.

  • Teddy

    What happened to the Apple store that was supposed to come to Brooklyn (maybe to Atlantic Ave.) ?

  • jtc

    re: 194 columbia heights, which i am so glad i’m finally putting some pieces of the puzzle together, it seems the lower level is a rental, and is indeed actually lived in? but thanks to the original poster about 194 CH; that’s been my biggest mystery of BH since I moved in six years ago.

  • cranberry

    jtc: what makes you think the lower level is lived in? just wondering…

  • Andrew Porter

    That house on CH has been padlocked much longer than 10 years. It’s been like that since I’ve lived in the Heights (moved here in 1968!). You can look at the back of it on the Promenade and see how bad it really is. The neighboring building covered one of the windows over with black plywood, and there’s ivy growing on the back. Gorgeous stained glass in the stairwell is visible on the back, as the place slowly decays.

    Meanwhile, I noted all the gray-haired people at the BHA annual meeting. I wonder what the average age of the members is. I was the only one in my building to attend. Do they have any younger members at all?