BHA Annual Meeting Live Blog


Watch this space tonight starting at 7:30pm for BHB's Live Blog from the BHA's Annual Meeting. 

7:41pm: meeting underway! they just finished reading off all the dignitaries attending. Mostly, its just their minions.

7:45pm: brooklyn bridge park!

7:47pm: tobacco warehouse – bha against privatization and tear-down.

they are also against noise. the next few years "exciting and terrifying"!

7:50pm: Francis Morrone will be documenting digitizing all historical data for every building in bkheights

7:53pm: uh oh. parking. talking about the resident permit parking. Otis Pearsall sighting!

7:55pm: they are setting up a "listserv". they will also add a modem to their BBS. actually, it will be a private yahoo group.

7:57pm: marty markowitz in the house! bill deblasio is carrying his lunch. fink refuses to call marty "little flower" no matter how much he wants it.

7:58pm: yassky in the houssky

8:00pm: channel 13's very own tom stewart! oh no its a telethon!

awarding the owners of bhblog fave le petite marche

8:05pm: hooray old buildings! montague terrace and 135 joralemon.

8:07pm: pets emporium gets props. boo banks! yay mom and pop! yay samhi! apparently, samhi oversees a family pet store empire.

8:10pm: talking about the recent hate crimes. overheard some woman behind me: "wow, I didn't know…"

HOORAY Cops! hooray rabbi!

8:15pm: extraordinary service award given to the pool lady. really? then bring it back!

8:17pm: tom stewart leaves the stage, but not before giving everyone a channel 13 tote bag

clyde haberman on stage. FORMER bkheights resident. lived here for like 6 months before shacking up with his future ex wife. "TMI as the kids may say"

8:21pm: his talk is "what is the future of life in nyc". no mention of flying cars yet.

tom stewart: waterboy

8:24pm: clyde: brooklyn lost its soul either in 1967 or 1957. either way, ej wasn't born yet.

he's actually giving a lively speech. do we really need another bank? do we need another starbucks?

8:28pm: says clyde: bloomberg admin – very good, but haven't met a developer they didn't like

bha liveblogging 2: electric boogaloo

8:33pm:: Clyde does not heart mcdonalds but he can afford to eat elsewhere… meanwhile those who can only afford mcdonalds are trying to wrap their heads around spending hundreds of thousands on a historically accurate stoop

8:38pm: clyde q&a. bert of bert and ernie fame has the floor. clyde TMI fact: he lives on the upper west side

8:43pm: people really are concerned about the demise of mom and pop stores in bkheights. clyde: stop hating on starbucks

8:47pm: clyde on upstate new york: nyc prisoners are their economic engine (think prisons)

8:52pm: did I just hear someone suggest bloomberg personally bribed union officals to keep labor quiet?

8:54pm: clyde talk ends. this meeting is over. ooooooh….refreshment time! everybody heads for the wine!

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  • Charlie Sahadi

    I tuned out once I realized that the blog wasn’t self-refreshing.