Slip and Fall on Montague Street

Word coming into BHB that there was a really bad slip and fall in front of Andy's at 128 Montague Street today. A man was seen falling down stairs there and the force of his tumble ripped out one of the banisters according to eyewitnesses. Cops and fireman were on the scene. It's alleged that the man suffered a broken ankle.

Overheard conversation between two passersby: "Yo, that dude is set for life!"

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  • bornhere

    I seem to recall hearing (reading?) about this several weeks ago. But on a maybe not identical theme … does anyone gree that some Montague Street shop owners are stunningly laid back about addressing ice/snow after weather? And that Henry, between Andy’s and OLOL are pretty treacherous postsnow?

  • nabeguy

    If he doesn’t get an money out of this then, yeah, I’d say his angle is broken.

  • Homer Fink

    HA! Angle!! I’m soooo Jen Chung now.

  • Teddy

    LOL to that Jen Chung reference.

  • Cranky

    Jeez, must be something in the air. I saw a toddler fall down the stone steps in front of that Salon on Montague near the church. His mother was screaming. Scared the hell out of me. Little kids must know how to fall. I ran over to see if she needed help. The little kid gets up and goes “I fall”. I thought for sure it was going to be bad…He fell down all the stone steps and was holding a glass or something.

  • Cranky

    Just last night this happened. Oh well, at least it turned out OK.

  • bhbabe

    About 3 years ago there was a (presumably) homeless woman in the neighborhood, and one afternoon I saw her take a tumble down the Andy’s stairs. She fell head first and was knocked out for a bit when she hit her head on the wood at the base of the window.
    Those steps are very steep — and the door opens toward you, so you almost need to be on the bottom step while opening — overall, poor design!
    Use the banister, or get your Chinese food delivered :)