Swizzle Going Out with a Bang


Brooklyn's game show Kingpin, Dick Swizzle announced today that he will host two massive farewell bashes at Magnetic Field which will be closing at the end of March.

The first takes place on Wednesday night (3/5) as Dick hosts Mr. Swizzle's Piano Bar. Swizzle writes his fans:

Listen, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. I can’t find anyone to cover this shift and with no game show I’ve decided to tend bar myself. I will have my karaoke machine behind the bar all night and whoever would like to sing with me can. Yup, we’ll be singing right at the  bar with beer in one  hand (I’ll probably be drinking a Cosmo). It’ll be heaven or hell,  you decide.  But with the last game show coming up Friday and only 26 days left of this lovely establishment I hope you’ll make it out. One last time with me behind the bar.

Clearly a night of fun and debauchery and reason enough to miss The Slits reunion at Mercury Lounge (although you'll find Fink there earlier for the Lightspeed Champion show).

And as previously reported, Swizzle will host the final Sudden Death Game Show at Magnetic Field on Friday 3/7:

For those who have not been, this may be your last chance for a while. That's right, Dick is taking a few months off for a much needed break. After almost 3 years without a break in the schedule it's long over due. 

Swizzle tells us that he's hoping to bring back every single challenge (ie Donkey Kong, WII tennis etc) for this event. It might just go all night! 

Swizzle also gives a tip of his game show 'fro to those who supported him over the years:


First off I want to thank all of you for your support of the many game shows put on at MF. I haven’t tallied but needless to say you’ve put up with just a couple of technical difficulties over the years. I’ve had such a blast and hope to get it back up and running at another club soon.  I also want to thank Perry Comb-Over, Koo Koo The Mind Key and Boom Boom McManwich for supporting me for these years, Richard Jack for his fabulous illustrations, Adam Surte for his help with the set and Homer Fink for his all around support.


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    I miss it already in advance.