Inside Look at New Crumbs Cupcake Store at 109 Montague Street

Chuck Taylor photo

We’ve had Wednesday, August 11 on our Day Planner for  a while now.  It’s the day Crumbs, the cupcake store, will be opening at 109 Montague Street.  Yes, it will truly be a magical day.  We will buy an Artie Lange cupcake, stroll down to the Ricky’s costume store and buy a “Big Daddy” outfit and  settle down for a sugary feast.  Nabe resident/Celine Dion expert/ biographer/ our pal Chuck “the Smoking Nun” Taylor snapped the photo above today and confirms that the store is ready to rock on Wednesday.

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  • Teddy

    Personally, I would have preferred a bakery or even better a butcher, but I’m sure some people will appreciate having a place in the nabe for their cupcake addiction.

  • Matthew Parker

    The cupcake fad is so early aughties.

  • alz

    anyone know if they plan on including vegan goods on their menu?

  • Victor

    I wonder what will take the place of Jennifer Convertibles. Unfortunately, given the space’s size, it will probably be something crappy.

  • BHer

    Anyone know if they will take the faux brick facade down?

  • 109 Montague

    Tomorrow, starts a whole new world of attempting to get into my building with groceries while dodging stroller mafia and hungry mobs of cupcake luvas!

    And Ricky’s Halloween shop is moving into Jennifer Convertibles, ey?

  • D Gioseffi

    I’m not going near the place unless they sell low-fat, low-sugar organic cakes and breads not sweetened with aspartame or other carcinogenic sweeteners. And that is that! If only the Heights had a good bakery when I was young and thin, and my daughter was a child. Oiiiii. I don’t need it staring me in the face in too fat America.
    I just lost 40 pounds with Weight Watchers help. No cup cakes for me ever again! But a nice multi-grain, whole grain bread low in fat and sugar would bring me to its doors so near my home!