Breaking News: Otis Found!

I am pleased to report that the formerly lost Otis, has been found!  As only a cat can do, Otis decided to go into a part of the carriage house that no one ever enters.  Other than being a little skinny, Otis is perfectly okay and is very happy to be back with his parents.

Thank you everyone in the BHB community for keeping a keen eye.  Now if we can just find some cooler weather, things would be great!

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  • heightsss

    YAY OTIS!!!!

  • Claude Scales

    No doubt St. Gertrude of Nivelles (who has the misfortune to share her feast day with the much better known St. Patrick) had a hand in this.

  • AEB

    Excellent news!

    I once rescued my “lost” cat from under–and I mean under–a refrigerator in a burned-out apartment, He was skeletal, I was ecstatic.

  • AAR

    Good news indeed! This is the second recent incident of a “lost” cat found hiding at home. In my experience it is not unusual for an out-of-sorts cat to disappear.

  • nabeguy

    Welcome home Otis! Was it cooler in the carriage house or did it just have a better class of mice?

  • Hicks on Hicks

    Glad Otis is back, but I do think that he did escape your home. My Yorkie Pepper had spied a cat that bears strong resemblance to Otis in the Grace Churchyard. You may want to check if Otis doesn’t have a secret passageway out of your carriage house.

  • BevD

    So glad to read that OTIS- is back home- safe and abit thinner- please make sure that there are no hidden areas, that your Otis can hide into. They seem to find them all.
    I emailed also my cousin in the heights to keep an eye out- Yes, pray to St Patrick. Luck cat he is.

  • shicksnyc

    Thanks to everyone for your assistance and well wishes! He is one lucky litter critter.

    -friend of the “Help Find Otis Campaign”

  • KO

    Big Thanks to Everyone for help and good wishes. Otis is home and enjoying life! Thanks again! I will post a pic of him relaxing in the window looking over the Alley.

  • James

    The entire episode just proved how wonderful a community our beloved Brooklyn Heights really is, with a lot of concern shown by many of our neighbors. Otis you rock for turning up and relieving us of our worries!

  • brooklyn’s finest

    Has this been confirmed? I noticed the “lost” signs are still up around the neighborhood.

  • T.K. Small

    Otis is definitely back home. I received a e-mail yesterday from one of his owners.

  • brooklyn’s finest

    @ T.K. Small Thanks for confirmation. That is great news.

    — Shouldn’t the owners remove all the posters from around the neighborhood now?

  • KO

    I will do another sweep through the neighborhood…I thought I got all of them.
    Again, thanks!

  • haleyb.

    im glad he is safe now.