Ricky’s Costume Superstore Moving In

With 83 more days until Halloween, Ricky’s Costume Superstore plastered signage into the vacant ex-Jennifer Convertibles space at 121 Montague Street. The shop will be temporary for the Halloween season, offering an extensive selection of costumes, wigs, makeup, and scary accessories. Perhaps the seasonal store will spark a permanent business to take the empty space?

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  • MoonChild

    Maybe the store will do well enough to stay permanently. Actors and other show-business interests can always use fun costumes.

  • AEB

    Yet another example of the daft sense of what BH requires from its merchants.

  • my2cents

    At least it’s temporary. I look forward to the requisite slutty teacher/nurse/cop/maid/Hermione outfits fresh from mainland China.

  • George Earl

    It’s getting almost impossible to tell–even in “Madison Avenue garb”–who actually lives in our Brooklyn Heights. Now, with costumes, isn’t it going to be virtually impossible to see who’s following us around, and/or identify them should trouble break out? Is this a silly observation? Just think about it for a moment.

  • pankymom

    “Slutty Herminone” my2: heh. The whole processed costume thing is sucking the life out of Halloween.

  • BevD

    Real neat- Its a hassle to order online, or to go to a distance to select a costume. Since its so close- there is enough activity in Brooklyn Heights- it should do very well- with the schools, sights, it will probably bring out the young in all to shop and select a neat costume.

  • Miss Dee

    As a side bar, this isn’t something novel for this year. This same costume store took up residence last year in the empty space next to Ricky’s (which I believe is now the Crumbs bake shop). I’m not sure if it was there previous to last year but It must have done well considering that it is back.

  • my2cents

    Pankymom, I agree. When I was a kid, parents made their kids costumes, or at least mine did. I had some great getups thanks to mom and dad’s ingenuity. Costumes are just a part of it though. Trick or Treating has also been ruined by safety-minded hyper-parents as much as by commercialism. Trick-or-treating hours are now officially over by sundown back where I grew up, and kids can’t wear masks anymore because they might trip and fall. So lame. Not to mention that some parents wont let their kids eat any of the candy because it must be all tampered with. People who put up scary displays get vilified by oversensitive neighbors, etc. Sigh…what ever happened to good old fashioned scary fun?

  • nabeguy

    my2, when I TorT’d in the nabe in the 60’s, the scariest things were the older kids who would bop you with socks filled with flour and steal your candy. Back then, even the muggings were a bit lame. But I distinctly remember that we didn’t go out until after the sun had set and darkness fell…that was the whole point! As for costumes, I was definitely in a DIY family which usually meant a ghost or a hobo. It was either that or the Superman pajama costume, which we all knew was a joke.