Flowers in the Hole!

Before, with Loch Ness Monster

Before, with Loch Ness Monster

After, with flowers

After, with flowers

Clark Street Restaurant’s Harry Sgantzos showed off his green thumb, bringing a heartwarming ending to the saga of the Clark and Henry hole in the ground.

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  • Lou K.

    Yay! Thanks Harry, BHB!!

  • Big DAve

    The flowers that bloom on the street, tra-la…

  • ClarknHenry

    MAJOR improvement, to be sure, but the hole fills with water when it rains… I am not sure the flowers will survive with no drainage. :(

  • Heather Quinlan

    They may not survive a few stomping feet, either. We’ll see …

  • Heights Guy

    YAHOO! Thank you!

  • Josh Goodman

    Very nice! Great omelets too!

  • George Earl

    Hats off, Clark’s! Makes looking down at the sidewalk across from my place even finer. Now let’s hope that trucks wheeling ’round the corner don’t hit those two cement flower pots and make a splash into that mini-garden! In the meantime, we’re enjoying it.