Fun with the Hole in the Ground

Since the hole in the ground at Clark and Henry doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, we thought we’d learn how to make the best of it.* Here, we have Barbie basking by the hole showing off what’s hot in this season’s swimwear.

More pics after the jump …

This sailor is shoving off for a life at sea …

… though he has his eye on Barbie.
But what’s this swimming toward them?

Agh! The Loch Ness Monster has made a new home!

It also seems the strange contents of the water have given it the power to walk. There goes the neighborhood!

A round of applause for all our participants.

*Thanks to my pals Andy and Richard for the idea. You both need help :)

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  • anon

    This is hilarious!

  • shamrock

    Very clever!! Reminds me of frolicking around the Gowanus Canal back in the day!

  • Jonny


  • George Earl

    Laugh though you may from having a look at these pictured plastic cuties having their fun on the banks of that ever-growing mud hole outside Clark’s on Henry Street, while I was sitting there on Monday morning having my usual “single scrambled with bacon on wheat down” I saw something a bit more thought-provoking. And no, not humorous. A fresh as can be robin (yes, a bird) approached that muddy mess, hoping against hope that it would find a place to splash about in the early morning. She wandered over to the edge, looked into the brown stuff there down below. And, believe it or not, leaned over. It was quite obvious she was sniffing. What came up must not have exactly got her thinking positively, for she turned her head, thought a moment, then was off into the air over Clark’s. Isn’t that birdie telling us (and the appropriate NYC department) that the missing soil, tree, and grass in that site ought to be replaced? At least before the summer crowd arrives!

  • Carla

    Perhaps a vigorous 311 call-in campaign is in order? Before Mattel comes along and demands royalties for Barbie’s performance?

  • Remsen

    Are lawnchairs not allowed at the hole either??

  • irishtea

    Ha Ha I love these photos, thanks for taking the time! I am not a fan of Clarks mediocre fare mainly because of their moody and often imperious waiters tendency to impose the “3 dollar minimum” rule arbitrarily. And I would contend that the reason there is no tree in that spot anymore, is because Clarks KILLED it! They hose the side walk with hot water and detergent to try to remove the grease and rancid food that spills from their dumpster. It is a common ploy used by business owners who have trees outside their business’s that interfere with their deliveries, trash pick up and so forth.

  • BHgirl

    Very cute and clever :-D Thanks!