BREAKING: Trees Planted Today on Henry; Hole Remains Vacant


Tipster “DL” writes:

They are planting trees on Henry but the guys said they are skipping the one on the empty one on the corner—somebody is making the decision not to fill.

Also, an anonymous source said he planted a tree in that well last year, but the Park’s Department cut it down. “I turned around to do something and in three minutes, it was gone.” He then put a couple planters in its place, but was told he had to get rid of them because they obstructed the sidewalk.

More to come …

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  • Curmudgeon

    No tree will last in that spot and anyone who eats in the Clark Street diner can tell you why.

  • Ari

    They are also installing new trees on Columbia Place this morning…

  • Adam G

    For the love of God, just fill the damn hole with cement already. A square of sidewalk is boring, but it’s still an improvement over the fetid pit that’s there now.

  • George Earl

    Let’s face it, fellow neighbors, whatever ends up filling that already-dangerous hole in the sidewalk next to Clark’s is going to be better than the growingly deep collection of mud. Whether it’s a baby tree with guts enough to keep a’ growing, or cement, or even a square of old-fashioned grass, it’ll sure improve things. Letters to the city from we devoted readers seem to have done nothing. How about some notions that nobody’s come up with so far? Go on…suggest something. Or better yet, do something!

  • my2cents

    That dump truck is in the bike lane!
    But it’s planting a tree so that takes the curse off.