Nail Wars: Where’s the Best Mani/Pedi in the Heights?

divaOne question I’m asked by the new ladies in town is—where can a gal get a manicure around here? Obviously there are lots of places, but what they want is the inside scoop. I frequent two spots, Dashing Diva on Montague and Samoa across the street. Dashing Diva is pink and clean and they offer you bottled water and take-home emery boards. But oh, those prices! Samoa gives the least expensive, most bang-for-your-buck manicure, but their “grotto” makes for strange decor, and the sanitary conditions …. ?

I recently tried Heights Nails by Cranberry’s—it was a little on the pricey side, but very clean, pleasant, and I rocked this manicure for over a week, which in manicure years is eons. Anyone have any other recommendations? In the Nail Wars, who would emerge victorious?

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  • David on Middagh

    Hmmm. You don’t mention which of those salons allow dogs, or whether you frequent Great Wall when you’re at Heights Nails by Cranberry’s. I would think that would have some bearing on a person’s decision.


  • Laura

    I go to Nail House at 163 Remsen Street. At $10.50, it’s the best manicure price I’ve found in the neighborhood, and they do great work. (Manicures last at least a week, often longer.)

  • juliebee

    i enjoy plaza nails, upstairs on montague! it’s huge and about as clean as any standard nail place is going to be. i’m pretty sure a mani is $10.50…and they fixed a toe i had ruined at no charge, even though i didn’t get the initial pedicure there!

  • Sonny

    i second plaza nails. very reasonable prices, pretty clean, large place and staff, so very little wait time.

  • Star25

    Dashing Diva is my favorite. I really appreciate the cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff, Food Network on the TV in the background… and the polish always lasts a long time! It’s so relaxing in there.

    A couple of years ago I went to the nail place by Cranberry St. for a pedicure, and as I was sitting in the chair having my toes done, a huge cockroach sauntered by and crawled under the chair. I alerted the staff and nobody really seemed to care/do anything. I understand roaches happen, but the reaction was just ridiculous. I don’t think they apologized or even tried to look for it to get rid of it. There went my state of relaxation.

  • Heather Quinlan

    So right now it’s 2 votes for Plaza Nails and 1 for Dashing Diva, and 1 Abstain from David on Middagh.

  • Jen

    I usually go to Plaza Nails too. Dashing Diva’s definitely a little more luxurious and pricier, so I only go once in a while. I also find it slightly annoying that they don’t carry OPI or Essie (just some other random brand) so it’s harder to find the colors I know I like.

    I’ve been Heights Nails by Cranberry’s and thought they were overpriced for such a generic atmosphere.

  • Brooklynite

    I also like Plaza nails. Clean and extremely reasonable (a mani + pedi is $28.00). I have also gone there for waxing and am always pleased with the job they do. Plus you can bring your own utensils if you desire and ask them to hold them there on premise for you for return visits :-)

  • Alanna

    New to the area and appreciate the reviews. I was going to try Dashing Diva tonight but those prices made me want to just do my own toes. I will definitely be checking out Plaza nails!

  • tb

    The place on Remsen is AWFUL. Just horrible. I made the mistake of getting a pedicure there and my feet looked just as bad as they did when I left.
    Blech. plus they sit you in a pedi chair and tell you the wait will be 5 minutes
    and then it ends up being 1/2 hour. IMHO, get on the 2/3 to 14th and go to Spa Belles.

  • MM

    Can anyone recommend a nail salon that’s particularly good at (and cheap) either wraps or tips? I have very weak nails that I as a result bite. I’d like to either get silk wraps or tips (if needed because they’re so short) on my nubs and have been wondering where in the Heights would be the best to go without breaking my bank. Thanks!

  • spm

    Samoa is THE best. Pricewise they can’t be beat and they spend close to two hours on your feet. I’ve never had a problem with them and they actually take care of any “troubles” your feet may have. Plaza Nails I used to go to but after contracting fungal infections twice, it’s a no-go place for me. Also, Samoa’s pedis last over three weeks in the summer, longer in the cooler weather. And you can bring your dog or child – they welcome them!

  • guest

    Plaza Nails is the best value, but Diva is good for an occasional treat.

  • Random chick

    I vote for Dashing Diva. The cleanliness is worth the admittedly super high prices. Also, I like the cosmos on Thursdays and Fridays.

  • WillowtownCop

    I like Plaza. I had wraps at Dashing Diva one time that hurt so bad I couldn’t button my coat when I left. I never went back there again. I am looking forward to the new nail salon coming soon to Columbia Place.

  • cat

    Another vote for Samoa. It isn’t luxurious, but it’s the best price, and I think they pay attention to what they are doing. My one experience at Plaza, the person gave me a slap-dash manicure which didn’t last more than a few days.

  • HeightsDiva

    I love that Friday night you can go to Dashing Diva and for $15 get a manicure and martini :)
    Otherwise though they are very overpriced.
    There are some halfway decent places in Fulton Mall where I can get a mani and pedi for $16 total!

    As for BH though, Plaza Nails is the best value.

  • http://aol JillElias

    Alicia is at what is now called Hair Profiles on Remsen Street 2nd floor. She gives a supreme mani or pedi-prices moderate to high. She also has a chair in Golds Gym foyer. Her attention to detail is beyond the norm. Plaza nails was my haunt for years,but manicures are substandard and yes very “slap on” asdescribed previously. At nail house I found they didn’t clean the mani tubs which caused me a fungus. Thumbs down for them.

  • AAR

    For cheap – I like Heights Nails on Henry (their free post servce shoulder massage is terrific) or Plaza Nails (although the stairs are scary, environment is pleasant). When looking for a bargan, remember that the staff depend on tips; a $10 manicure deserves more than a $2 tip. For a real treat for sore feet in need to serious attention, I vote for Ella at Irene Dinov for a pedicure and/or manicure. The atomosphere leaves a lot to be desired, but Ella gives the best p/m in the Heights (IMHO).

  • BH Lover

    Dashing Divas is so clean and the service is amazing. But if you are tall like me – 5’9″, the pedicure bench is too short and it is really uncomfortable. I usually go to Nail House. The people are so nice, chairs are really comfy and its clean. Samoa is cheap, but it is really dirty and disgusting.

  • AEB

    This post and the responses to it have had the very interesting (to me) result of being in many cases a gender-reveal. No?

  • Andrew Porter

    Yeah, whoda thought WillowtownCop was a female? My image of a big, gruff donut eating cop has certainly changed.

    So, do these places also do the toes on your dog and cat? Or is that a different kind of service?

  • klm

    Irene Dinor. Mani – 15 bucks, spa pedis a little pricier but lasts for weeks.

  • Shelley

    Where is Heights Nails near Cranberry’s; on Cranberry or Henry Sts?