Open Thread Wednesday 12/12/07


Whip 'em out Wednesday!Errr…. Open Thread Wednesday, time to talk about nabe topics including:

Scaffolding on Montague…what's the deal

The Bubble of Brooklyn Heights and Brownstoner making a big deal out of  all those Goldman Sachs execs moving in…

Curtis Martin nixes Skyhouse at BBP 

Cuppa joe?

…and whatever else is on your mind. Comment away! 

Photo by thatSEWtara via Flickr

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  • fishermb

    Anyone know if Uncommon Grounds has reopened yet with the new bar/restaurant layout? I haven’t passed by in a while.

  • Tim N.

    Oh, no, someone mentioned one of the corner of Cranberry places!!! Here they come…

    “Uncommon Grounds/Oven/Busy Chef/Blue’…”

  • yo

    My wife, P. Diddy, and some movie star and hip hop friends went to oven last night. Pizza was to die for, and the scene was bumpin….i think i even saw jesus there enjoying a slice…

  • question

    Same question, new year.

    What are the guidelines for holiday tipping?

  • nabeguy

    The old UCG space, which now looks like the Oak Room, is taking forever to finish the interior. Can’t imagine how long they’ll spend on painting the exterior. Gotta say, though, they’re doing a very nice job, if you like that kind of old-style-mens-club-panelled-wood look. Definitely works with the vintage facade, although the finishing touch would been a pressed-tin ceiling, which was removed when Cubanito moved in.

  • Jo Ann

    gawd i want to say something, but I’ll refrain. Looks like there was a December special on scaffolding – popping up all over the ‘hood…

  • ABC

    anyone know when the tree lighting is tonight? I hate to guess when I have kids to haul …

  • Homer Fink

    From Brooklyn Eagle:
    Wednesday, Dec. 12, 5:30 p.m., at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (at Montague Street): Tree lighting sponsored by the Brooklyn Heights Garden Club, after an invocation by a local minister, the tree will be lit by an “old Brooklyn Heightster” child. Santa Claus will arrive in a fire truck (unless there’s a fire) to hand out candy canes.

  • ABC


  • Homer Fink

    Get pics!

  • yo

    i wish i got out of work before 7…boo

  • yo

    btw, has anyone seen the front door on the \”the moxy spot\” on Atlantic? I walked by there the other day and thought it was really cool…I\’ll try to submit a pic if I can. It\’s 3 doors in one!

  • brooklyn tattoo

    I work a few doors down from there, it does really look cool, however, the people up on this thread were dissing the menu so hard a few weeks back, i let it go… I personally have high hopes..

  • ABC

    I just looked in there myself! So cool! I worry a little that it\’s taking so long to open — they handed out coupons at the Halloween parade that expired 12/31 ( I remember bcs my husband said at the time, \”No way will they be open before 2008\”). I think their menu is too many things to too many people, especially for what I think is a ma and pop start-up. BUT I wish them all the best. Don\’t lose all your money in construction before you even open!

  • hoppy

    In all fairness brooklyn tatoo, the menu for Moxie spot was dissed because, undeniably, it reads like the bill of fare for the Hunter Mountain ski lodge or otherwise looks like retailed restaurant depot/costco bulk items. But I’m sure the menu would be beside the point if the specific concept of this place were revealed. An arcade maybe? Music venue? Kids’ party place? I’m just as intrigued by the cool exterior as well, which makes me all the more curious as to what kind of place will eventually arise. Being a neighbor, do you have any ‘inside info’ as to what the specific concept/plans are for this venture?

  • brooklyn tattoo

    I dont have much on Moxie. Its slated to be a ‘family place” but i think the idea is family place a la ‘Bubbys’ on the ground floor, and bar,lounge upstairs.(the doors are cool, a big one, then a kid door, then a tiny doggie door, all made of a gold/iron material). I worked on a guy who knows the owner and its his first forray into the food business. might not seem promising, but they are spending a fortune it seems on the place. Atlantic ave has great places to eat, but after 2 years here, i am psyched for something new. nachos can be good if they are done right…

  • hoppy

    Thanks for the info, brooklyn tattoo. I’ve learned this much about Moxie from craigslist:


    THE MOXIE SPOT aims to be a free-spirited family-fun restaurant, featuring a variety of artsy activities and kid-friendly foods.

    THE MOXIE SPOT hopes to grow to be a place in the community for families (with kids of all ages) to feel free to come and be themselves among their neighbors, friends, & relatives building good memories together. The creative action will be a combination of self-administered projects, along with group activities led by restaurant “helper folk.” Activities will be designed to be age-appropriate and exciting for children: From toddler classes in the morning, to activities for lower/middle schoolers in the afternoon and for teens and adults in the early evening. The environment will also be fun for adult caregivers, as activities will be set-up so they are involved as well.


    • Cashiers
    • Cooks
    • Dishwashers/ Buspeople

    Experience/ Skills:

    • Energetic, possessing initiative and flexibility to do what needs to get done
    • Comfortable interacting with parents and children
    • Arts, Teaching, and/or Childcare experience
    • Interest in building local community and helping build a business
    • Experience in the kitchen or behind the register

    If this is a place where parents can leave their kids in a ground floor “fun area” with entertainers-slash-babysitters while they can escape to an upstairs bar/lounge, then I think it could actually be a success!!!

  • brooklyn tattoo

    thats a ton more than I know…I hope these “helper people” arent in costume…

  • .

    anyone know a good place to get your eyebrows waxed/shaped? I don’t want to look permanently happy or like I penciled them in.

  • Jen

    I’m seconding the request for an eyebrow place. I used to go to Tapestry on Montague occasionally, but have been going in Manhattan since they closed.

  • CS

    Go to Irena at Image on Joralemon. She does great job of waxing..

  • CS

    And it’s doesn’t have the crazy Irene Dinov prices or vibe….
    Former Irene employee is owner…

  • Jen

    Speaking of Irene Dinov, I had the best masseuse ever there and she seems to have disappeared. I’m pretty sure her name was Christy and she was originally from Alaska. Anyone know where she ended up?

  • baby need to get out

    I’m looking for some suggestions for good 2 year old toddler programs in Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo/Cobble Hill area. Any suggestions? A New Mom needs some help. Thanks.

  • BP

    Brooklyn Dojo has music classes on Mondays and Fridays at 9:30/10:30/11:30am and a Toss-Your-Toddler Dance Class on Mondays at 3:30pm.
    We’re also trying to work out the scheduling for the Mommy and Little Buns (ages 1-3+) Mandarin Chinese class.

    Locally owned and operated.
    All programs or instructors are based in Brooklyn, most in the greater BH vicinity.

    BTW, they’re telling us the scaffolding will be coming down on Monday the 14th. Yes, of this month!