Goldman Execs Flocking to Nabe?

Brownstoner reports today that an unusual amount of Goldman Sachs suits are moving to Brooklyn Heights. In other news, pie is delicious.

Brownstoner: Next Goldman…: We got an email a few days ago from a regular tipster who's always been right in the past so we're tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt this time around. While pointing us in the direction of a recent sale on Joralemon Street, he noted that the buyer happened to be a Goldman Sachs executive. This was, he claimed, part of a trend that's seen members of the city's most successful investment bank crossing the East River (more than usual) in recent months to buy a piece of the rock in Brooklyn Heights.

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  • Sam

    Oh how fun! Bankers in the neighborhood, did you ever?

  • Beavis

    It’s a record year for the gravy train that is GS. Let them keep inflating the bubble.

  • JL

    Lively discussion (to say the least) over on Brownstoner (over 120 comments since this AM).

    JK, which 111?