Oven: Celeb Hotspot

According to this press release, Oven on Henry Street has become a hotspot for celebs:

Marketwire: Tanner Spree arrives at work every morning at 7:30 a.m. and watches in scientific fascination as the yeast rises on his handmade dough. Spree has a double degree in biochemistry and business. He has applied his creative and biochemistry skills to the art of gourmet pizzas at the newly opened Oven Restaurant on Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights. Fans such as Paul Giamatti (“Sideways”), Gabriel Bryne, Anna Wilding (“Buddha Wild”) and various hip-hop stars are lining up regularly for a laid-back seat in this discreet restaurant tucked off the Brooklyn Promenade on Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights. Jacob Buchanan of Fat Boy Hits Music Group says, “The pizzas are exotic. Each one is a different experience. It’s the best of both worlds for me, and my roster of stars. The atmosphere is clean, warm and comfortable, and yet the food in front of you is high-end and affordable. That’s rare.”

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  • middaghman

    oven sucks.

  • george

    oven’s great pizza,great staff.

  • JL

    We like oven, pizza’s are a change from the ordinary, and the apps are excellent (best cheese plate in town for like $12). Service could use some work (our waitress has never been too friendly) and the place (particularly the back enclosed area) needs to be cleaned a bit better. Otherwise, great.

    Haven’t seen any celebs there though.

  • http://www.myspace.com/knowledge_360 AM.

    I currently live in the area. The food at Oven was awesome has a nice vibe to it and i did see a few celebs.

  • Deb

    Theres no way Oven can suck! I hate when people dont show love…. the portions are great… Salads are fresh i recommend you stop in and just try it…. tell them you heard about the place and you are guaranteed a great expierence!

  • celsius

    Ever since i found this place I’ve made this place one of my top hangouts spots in Brooklyn. Oven’s food is phenomenal and the atmosphere is relaxing.

  • JEN

    food was great.

  • Pat

    the place is excellent, the food is prepared with time an ease , great taste for the money , been several times with friends they all enjoyed the experience alway’s telling co-workers to check it out””’

  • Pat

    the place is excellent, the food is prepared with time an ease , great taste

  • Albert

    Oven is one of the best pizza spots I’ve been to,the food is great and so is the service.

  • cranberry

    This is hilarious. What the “celebs” love most is that they are pretty much guaranteed to get the whole place to themselves on any given day.

  • cranberry

    I have to add that I find it interesting that there were 6 positive postings made in a row in a 10 minute period all within about 2 minutes of each other. uh huh.

  • GHB

    Pat, “the food is prepared with time an ease”
    WTF are you talking about?

  • No One of Consequence

    yeah.. let’s see the IP addresses on the consecutive upbeat posts.

  • middaghman

    ok my turn:

  • middaghman1

    oven is like totally crap.

  • middaghman2

    yea- couldnt agree more middaghman1. oven is totally crap.

  • middaghman3

    yea- middaghman1 and middaghman2. oven is totally crap.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    I see someone is off their meds and spamming this post…and I’m not talking about middaghman

  • me

    that’s so funny that you mentioned that someone at Oven posted 10 positive comments in a row because they know that 99 percent of the time you pass the restaurant, it’s empty.

    wanna know why? the food is bland and the service is so-so.

    but great try sparking up your business.

  • Jen

    And the pizza crust is disgusting, not to mention a travesty to NY pizza’s reputation! What a nauseating press release.

  • ABC

    I ate there once, right when it opened, and the pizza was frozen in the middle. My friend pointed this out to waitress and she said, “What do you want me to do? Take it back and have them heat it more?” Do they make their own and then freeze ahead of time?


    To the best of my knowledge, they use frozen pizza crusts. Although if you ask Dan, the chef, he’ll insist that he uses ‘the freshest of ingredients, made on the premises’. Hard to believe, judging by the quality of food they serve…

  • hoppy

    We were finally going to try Oven Saturday night, but I had to get in line behind Paul Giamatti, Gabriel Byrne, and several hip hop stars. Well, the cold weather and paparazzi got to us after a while so we went to the ale house instead.

  • baker

    oven is a concept restaurant and the concept is frozen pizza. i went once and won’t be going back. I give it 9 months max.

  • celsius

    oven is 1 of the best resturants around which is already proven not by this comment but through its consistant success. the originality on the pizzas(curry and kobe beef pizzas to name a few) alone is enough to have anyone coming back for more. unfortunately i guess with any great resturant comes jealously in the form of phyco bloggers who change email adresses every hour and post negative comments. the comment about the ale house is especially interesting because these are 2 totally different establishments and to mention both in the same comment is a bonehead move. overall judge oven by its in person repuation and not by no life bloggers depiction.

  • http://cheaptricksnyc.com Henry-ette

    I’ve only been to Oven once, and I think the place is overpriced for the experience it offers. I don’t mind paying more for “gourmet” pizza, but I expect it to come with a side of good service. Didn’t happen.

  • No One Of Consequence

    It’s almost bizarre how you didn’t get the joke.
    If you’ve monitored this blog for any period of time, you’d note that most of the posters have made allegations that each other is a phony. So, for it to be true that the negative posters are logging in again under different nyms would amount to a rather elaborate ruse.
    It is in fact more suspect, as cranberry pointed out, that there was a spate of positive postings and not from regular contributors.

    Would that Homer verify the IP addresses and confirm or deny that they came from the same place.

  • iffy

    I think I found a penny. It was tails tho. Huh.

  • celsius

    yeah i deffenitely understood the joke but to agree with it or respond in the way intended wouldnt be my style. im not interested in spreading negativity,especially on establishments that dont deserve it. as for the people that you claim know each other,oven is in a very friendly close community. i know alot of people and i dont know everybody that posted a coment,but the crazy thing is that some of the positive people and the negative people have to know eachother. obviously we are both intelligent people so in order for you to post this many negative comments there has to be a personal reason. i ask is all this negativity nescasary.